Woody’s Roundup

Urgh. Friday hangovers are the WORST. Especially if you’ve planned a big old weekend dance session and then out of nowhere a sneaky Thursday night makes you want to crawl back under a rock from whence you came. I can imagine I’m going to feel similarly next Friday, after Vikings 004 at the Russian Bar, with Joe and Will Ask and the amazing Bowski on the decks. Still we persevere.

This weekend Dollop start their Citipost Warehouse series with Seiji and Midland. They’ve got some pretty good lineups for this in the coming weeks so watch this space… A little gem of a night celebrates their 4th birthday at East Village tonight; Snap Crackle and Pop, with Round Table Knights (whose new album is streaming on Soundcloud at the moment), Stopmakingme and Matt Walsh. Now that sounds like FUN. Also Islington institution The Old Queens Head celebrate their fifth birthday, with DJ sets from the Mystery Jets and The Maccabees. Tomorrow I’m very keen to see Russ Yallop at the Russian Bar, and last but not least, a bit of a strange one; Sunday if you dare, head to Ministry of Sound for Knights of the Playboy Mansion, with Dimitri from Paris and Bob Sinclar. Not so much for the music (although a Dimitri from Paris set is always fun) but more for the clientele…

Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers (Magician Remix) – Stephen’s Magic Tapes have been getting better and better – Magic Tape Seven is a joy.
Munk – Keep My Secret (Rory Phillips Club Mix) (released this month on Gomma)
Tyson – Die on the Dancefloor (Mickey Remix)
Green Velvet – Harmageddon
Hex – Gatto Fritto
Adonis – No Way Back (Vocal)
Bag Raiders – Sunlight (Stopmakingme Remix) Great to see Stopmakingme connected to the mighty Modular. Alongside releases on Bang Gang, I think he’s working to Australian domination…

Woody 40. ZIP

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