So Good To Me

You know when you’re really tired and working all the hours under the sun and you don’t seem to be getting anywhere, and your back aches and you got rained on? That’s always the time that when I take five minutes out of the chaos to have a look around the web someone somehow understands and offers me a ray of sunshine.

Chris Malinchak‘s records are always a thing of soulful beauty or a nice bit of disco-funk, and he gives most of them away for free on his French Express label, alongside Jonas Rathsman and Perseus among others. Bloody talented AND kind.

This is completely lovely. I mean, just listen to that vocal. Kinda sends goosebumps doesn’t it? Have I mentioned that it’s completely lovely and beautiful? THANK YOU Mr Malinchak.

Oh and PS, once you feel all warm and fuzzy from that beaut, dust off the cobwebs and listen to this little rave-up.

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