Street Tracks

I’ve been watching Ejeca for a while, since his belter Horizon blew me away when it came out on Needwant in October, and he’d already caused waves before that with his collaboration with Bicep on the record of the summer, You.

This record is the absolute perfect way to start a party, just listen to the bass drop and the ‘woo!’

What Ejeca completely masters is what I would call proper-proper House-House. The kind of nostalgic 90s house that I look for when I’m trying to put some proper old school in my sets (I hate the term old school but his sound is pretty classic). So I was really pleased to hear that the next EP is connected to another act who captures that pure house; Waze & Odyssey. It’s on their Street Tracks imprint, and it’s out today on vinyl. Such a limited pressing that Juno have restricted purchasing to one per person. I suggest you go and bag yourself a copy here.

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