Track for the Day

One for a sunday is the beautiful Multi-Love by Unknown Mortal Orchestra, not out until 26 May but part of a new third album out on Jagjaguwar. I’ve always been a sucker for a melancholy lyric and a slightly dreamy vocal (hence my undying love for Broken Bells), which this track shares with their previous album II. Catch them at Latitude this year for more ‘psych-soul’ surrealist ballads.



Out on Ireland’s Apartment Records, this wavy, trippy little number with the beautiful vocals of Greg Blackman is courtesy of Steve Legget, AKA Four Hands. With Mark Hand‘s soulful rework bringing us back to a sunny place before we get back to the dirty dirty dancefloor with NCW‘s Lost in the DMZ, this is all the genres under one vinyl roof.

More forthcoming from Steve Legget on Apartment Records, Signals (from the North), People Get Real’s Join Our Club and Steve Hall’s Buddhist Army.

Aquarius is out now from Diamonds and Pearls.

Heretic for Relish

Monsieur Heretic kindly winged us over his new 44 Squadron EP today, out on Monday on Relish Recordings, and the podcast that he’s done to celebrate the release.

It’s ironic how clean, layered, and considered the builds are when they’re mixed with such scrunchy metal sounds (especially track 2, Flesh), and what I love about a Heretic track (and is also true of Timothy Clerkin’s other alias as one half of Eskimo Twins) is that they creep up and suddenly the drop is thundering down on you. Heretic as a side project was bourne of a desire to create club bangers for DJ sets, and there’s always that undercurrent of driving electro. I’m almost going to say there’s a certain funk element too, which definitely comes across in Soviet.

Have a listen here

And the podcast (he’s right; the opening two are astounding)


I love Worthy. Especially when I have a playlist full of slightly dreamy melancholy lilts and all of a sudden a Worthy number sneaks in there and blasts all the cobwebs away. I always find myself turning up a Worthy track and walking a little bit faster. He’s linked to so many other good things too, Anabatic, Dirtybird; the list goes on.

Anyway, he’s got a new album out, Disbehave, and its characteristically wonky and deconstructed with actually a very lovely spattering of downtempo numbers. He’s given us a preview:

Annie Mac gave us a little Worthy treat for free last week – download I Get here.


Behling & Simpson
Futureboogie‘s Behling & Simpson have put together a tasty little mix of so-far unreleased treats for your downloadable pleasure.

It’s very Behling & Simpson; they have an unparalleled knack of perfecting this skippy little off-beat that gives their productions a sense of percussiony, rolling type movement – somewhat hard to describe but if you listen to a lot of their records (I do) then it’s very much a signature style. Very pleased to see variations on this theme in the new stuff, and this looks like a good few EPs worth at least.

They’re actually playing a three hour set at the Rhythm Factory tomorrow night. More details here.

Behling & Simpson – Salsa Verde
Behling & Simpson – Never Knew
Behling & Simpson – Muted
Kerri Chandler – Peace Of My Mind (Behling & Simpson remix)
Seka – Hot (Behling & Simpson remix)
Behling & Simpson – In The Sky
Behling & Simpson ft Tita Lau – Can’t Find Love
Behling & Simpson – Don’t Give Up
Behling & Simpson – Kalypso
Behling & Simpson – All Night Long
Behling & Simpson ft Danni Moore – What Did I Do
Behling & Simpson – Lucin
Behling & Simpson – Livin’
Behling & Simpson – Soportando

Catz n Dogz Sonar Special

It’s that time of year where we pack our bags and fly off to our favourite city in the world, Barcelona, for Sonar.

We’re pretty excited about Despacio this year after the mess that was their two nights at The Roundhouse, and of course no visit to any part of the world would be the same without a little Poland in the form of the lovely Catz n’ Dogz. They’ve given us some ear-fodder for the journey.