The Pre-Game

Miami party-listings and DJ mentions are getting buzzing as the music industry packs its bags for South Beach, shakes off the winter cobwebs and reminds itself again what it feels like to dance with warm sand between its toes. This, for me, is where summer begins, and even in the years we don’t attend, hearing the new tracks and sets that come back is almost good enough as we start planning the open-air-dancing season.

You can hear that excitement in the tempo of this little number from Heidi – her March Radio 1 set minus the talking in between, so you can download parts I and II, put them in your ears, and go outside.

Turn. It. Up.

catz-n-dogz-friends-leaves A Catz n’ Dogz mix is always completely and utterly ridiculous. Every single one, and every single time I see them play out, it’s always a complete new set of tracks that blows my mind, mixed in with absolute precision and layered up to a peak.

Well they’ve outdone themselves ahead of their appearance at The Warehouse Project tonight. I think I’m about to rupture an eardrum.

No download or track list yet but I’m begging them at the moment – watch this space.

Fall Marathon

1000820_591741690848657_1458949094_n It’s been a while since I’ve heard from Melbourne boys Prince Club so I was mightily pleased to pull this little mix from Pulse Radio. Including the excellent Verish and Jesse Rose‘s Underbelly.

1. Magnetic – George Fitzgerald // Double Six
2. Hang On (To My Body) – Prince Club // UNRELEASED
3. Crop-Eared – Sable Sheep // DFTD
4. Inkwell – Huxley // AUS
5. Prime Time – Trikk // Hypercolour
6. Pornflake – Quenum // Upon You
7. This Kinda Love – Prince Club // UNRELEASED
8. Rendezvous-Love – DJ W!LD // 2020Vision
9. Detroit – Prince Club // CDR
10. Verish – Djs Pareja // Comeme
11. Underbelly (Berlin Version) – Jesse Rose // PID
12. Kneadin – Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo // Dirtybird
13. Too Much (Prince Club “Sampha” Dub) – Drake ft. Sampha
14. Drowning – Mak & Pasteman // Naked Naked
15. Let’s Go Dancing (Maya Jane Coles Dancing In The Dark Remix) – Tiga VS Audion // Turbo
16. Colt – Dense & Pika // Hotflush

Lukas for Discobelle

Bristol’s finest Luke Turner aka Lukas has delivered a belter in his latest mixtape. This mix is one of those beautiful hybrids of disco, electronica, funk and house; heavy on the cowbell, just the right dubby basslines, a hint of vocal when it’s needed. The label selection on the tracklist says it all; Jackathon Jams, Hypercolour, Rekids, Hot Creations and of course Lukas’s own Futureboogie. It’s one of those where the volume sneaks up and up until by the end of it you’re all dancing around the stereo. I mean, just take a listen to Busta Rhymes on Freaks + Cajmere, naaaaaaasty! The combination of Lukas and my other Futureboogie faves Waifs & Strays on Gimme Luv is explosive, the whole EP is amazing, and well worth your pennies on release to Beatport at the end of the month.

Sorry to pilfer it from Discobelle, but it’s just too good not to share.

The Mole – Lockdown Party (Perlon)
Antonelli – Dubby Disco (Maxi Mix) [Lukas edit] (Italic)
Lukas vs. Waifs and Strays – Gimme Luv (Jackathon)
Kerrier District – Let’s Dance and Freak (Rephlex)
Lukas – Bassoon (Futureboogie)
Freaks + Cajmere – Black Shoes White Socks [Lukas Busta Freaks Janet on Cajmere edit) (HotCreations)
Andre Lodemann - Where are you now [MFR Edit] (Best Works)
Behling + Simpson – What did i do (CDR)
Adessa – Untitled Love (Prime Numbers)
Loose Joints – Is it all over my Face? [Dj Sneak edit] (NRK)
Mr G – One Year later (Rekids)
Axel Boman – Look What You’ve done to Me (Hypercolour)

Circoloco Lifestyle

One of my favourite DJs at one of my favourite clubs, Circoloco have been kind enough to share a set from Richy Ahmed at DC10. Despite having been in the ex-airport hangar since 1999, it’s one of the few clubs on the island that still has this naughty feel to it, like you’re going to an unsanctioned rave. Which is kind of true, being as the authorities are frequently threatening closure, following through in 2008 and still keeping this a very real cloud on an otherwise beautiful horizon.

Richy, the naughty boy of Hot Creations, fits the bill perfectly.

Miguel Puente for Proton (dos)

Miguel Puente‘s 2011 Adults Only podcast for Proton Radio was where our love for him began, and since then he’s graced the decks of pretty much every country imaginable, racking up releases on Akbal, Off Recordings, Lower East, and his Digital Delight imprint with friend and DJ-partner Sishi Rosch. So it’s only fitting that his 2013 version is today’s medicine for the first day back to work after Ibiza.

Sexy as ever, wrap your ears around this: