Track for the Day

If you didn’t get chance to listen/watch the excellent Mixmag Lab from Ben Pearce and Shadow Child yesterday then get your ears around this. Jesus; the energy!!!!

Ben Pearce’s set blew me away, and got me revisiting his tracks. I found this little gem, and would like to share it with y’all (Black Orange Juice on the collab too – nice)

A Curse

artworks-000072056078-et5kll-originalEskimo Twin Tim Clerkin has been powering through the first half of 2014 with his own brand of driving, twisted synthy techno, brought to us via his Heretic moniker and not one but two releases in the last two months.

He started with the clangy, robotic Geodesic EP on Days of Being Wild, and his latest, A Curse EP is due for release on Abode on 24 March. The title track harks back to the very best of nineties rave with its muffled chime riff, served as an accompaniment to Christopher Hitchens’ spoken condemnation of the concept of religion, while Sharia Law is an out-and-out acid build. Remixes from Club Bizarre and Abode label boss XY-Me.

Get your lug holes round this.