Track for the Day

One for a sunday is the beautiful Multi-Love by Unknown Mortal Orchestra, not out until 26 May but part of a new third album out on Jagjaguwar. I’ve always been a sucker for a melancholy lyric and a slightly dreamy vocal (hence my undying love for Broken Bells), which this track shares with their previous album II. Catch them at Latitude this year for more ‘psych-soul’ surrealist ballads.

The Belly of the Beast

gazelleWe’ve been eyeing up Gazelle Twin in the office of late, so I’m excited to see my old favourite Tom Demac collaborating on two tracks forthcoming on Hypercolour 9 Feb; Guts “by far the scariest piece of music I’ve ever written!” and an edit of Belly of the Beast. He doesn’t disappoint either, with two rather menacing little stormers that kinda make me want to throw things around.

Heretic for Relish

Monsieur Heretic kindly winged us over his new 44 Squadron EP today, out on Monday on Relish Recordings, and the podcast that he’s done to celebrate the release.

It’s ironic how clean, layered, and considered the builds are when they’re mixed with such scrunchy metal sounds (especially track 2, Flesh), and what I love about a Heretic track (and is also true of Timothy Clerkin’s other alias as one half of Eskimo Twins) is that they creep up and suddenly the drop is thundering down on you. Heretic as a side project was bourne of a desire to create club bangers for DJ sets, and there’s always that undercurrent of driving electro. I’m almost going to say there’s a certain funk element too, which definitely comes across in Soviet.

Have a listen here

And the podcast (he’s right; the opening two are astounding)

Track for the Day

Work leant me a car this week. Part of a mobile marketing campaign, so of course the ‘mobile’ part of that meant driving it around London town, which consisted of mostly sitting in traffic, and occasionally (late at night) being able to actually get into third gear and have some tuuuuuuuunes blasting out for the good times. I chose Skream on Radio 1 – it was late on a Friday and I figured I’d get some hard bass to really ramp up my boy-racer street cred.

Skream’s tagline is ‘From Club Crazy to Deep and Dark’ so instead of the pirate-radio-style munum-munum-munum-munum-hardcore I got some rather more melodic numbers. Not so good for being a baller, but actually rather lovely. (The whole show is worth a download and you can do so here). They included an exclusive play of this little beaut – Ali Love‘s Deep Into the Night. My fave man Hackman, on the remix.

Thanks to Mixmag for the upload.

Track for the Day

The year is 1980, the man is Peter Richmond-Swift. He’s 20, he’s just met a lady 11 years older than him, and he’s pretty much in love. He calls a local radio station and dedicates a song to Sonia Keil and asks her to marry him.

The song is Paul McCartney‘s Waterfalls, the people are my parents, and today’s track of the day was one I stumbled across accidentally (thanks Soundcloud‘s ‘people who listened to this’ algorithm). A lovely version from Mr Little Jeans, so so nice.

Track for the Day

If you didn’t get chance to listen/watch the excellent Mixmag Lab from Ben Pearce and Shadow Child yesterday then get your ears around this. Jesus; the energy!!!!

Ben Pearce’s set blew me away, and got me revisiting his tracks. I found this little gem, and would like to share it with y’all (Black Orange Juice on the collab too – nice)