I love Worthy. Especially when I have a playlist full of slightly dreamy melancholy lilts and all of a sudden a Worthy number sneaks in there and blasts all the cobwebs away. I always find myself turning up a Worthy track and walking a little bit faster. He’s linked to so many other good things too, Anabatic, Dirtybird; the list goes on.

Anyway, he’s got a new album out, Disbehave, and its characteristically wonky and deconstructed with actually a very lovely spattering of downtempo numbers. He’s given us a preview:

Annie Mac gave us a little Worthy treat for free last week – download I Get here.

Stuck in Ibiza

Ever seen that Twitter account ‘DJs complaining‘? This week’s strikes by air traffic controllers lead to quite a few poor souls being stuck in Ibiza. The upside of this is a spate of productivity, and lots of lovely mixes being uploaded.

Heidi‘s offering takes me back to our arrival at Sonar this year, jumping straight into a cab to her Jackathon vs Pets Recordings night and dancing non stop until falling into the apartment to sleep 10 hours later. Good times.

If you cool and she satisfied how come that bitch just paged me…

YES GORGON CITY FOR THE WEEKEND!!!! There is so much energy in this set it makes me want to do this (much faster)

All the big hitters, a bit of Jimi, a bit of Obie Trice. Turn it up.

Track for the Day

Work leant me a car this week. Part of a mobile marketing campaign, so of course the ‘mobile’ part of that meant driving it around London town, which consisted of mostly sitting in traffic, and occasionally (late at night) being able to actually get into third gear and have some tuuuuuuuunes blasting out for the good times. I chose Skream on Radio 1 – it was late on a Friday and I figured I’d get some hard bass to really ramp up my boy-racer street cred.

Skream’s tagline is ‘From Club Crazy to Deep and Dark’ so instead of the pirate-radio-style munum-munum-munum-munum-hardcore I got some rather more melodic numbers. Not so good for being a baller, but actually rather lovely. (The whole show is worth a download and you can do so here). They included an exclusive play of this little beaut – Ali Love‘s Deep Into the Night. My fave man Hackman, on the remix.

Thanks to Mixmag for the upload.


Behling & Simpson
Futureboogie‘s Behling & Simpson have put together a tasty little mix of so-far unreleased treats for your downloadable pleasure.

It’s very Behling & Simpson; they have an unparalleled knack of perfecting this skippy little off-beat that gives their productions a sense of percussiony, rolling type movement – somewhat hard to describe but if you listen to a lot of their records (I do) then it’s very much a signature style. Very pleased to see variations on this theme in the new stuff, and this looks like a good few EPs worth at least.

They’re actually playing a three hour set at the Rhythm Factory tomorrow night. More details here.

Behling & Simpson – Salsa Verde
Behling & Simpson – Never Knew
Behling & Simpson – Muted
Kerri Chandler – Peace Of My Mind (Behling & Simpson remix)
Seka – Hot (Behling & Simpson remix)
Behling & Simpson – In The Sky
Behling & Simpson ft Tita Lau – Can’t Find Love
Behling & Simpson – Don’t Give Up
Behling & Simpson – Kalypso
Behling & Simpson – All Night Long
Behling & Simpson ft Danni Moore – What Did I Do
Behling & Simpson – Lucin
Behling & Simpson – Livin’
Behling & Simpson – Soportando

Catz n Dogz Sonar Special

It’s that time of year where we pack our bags and fly off to our favourite city in the world, Barcelona, for Sonar.

We’re pretty excited about Despacio this year after the mess that was their two nights at The Roundhouse, and of course no visit to any part of the world would be the same without a little Poland in the form of the lovely Catz n’ Dogz. They’ve given us some ear-fodder for the journey.