Introducing Enfant…

If you’ve ever frequented the dingy indie clubs of London town in recent years, I have no doubt that you will have seen these boys grace the stage in one of their previous guises. Their energy and sound has always been exciting. Their unique ability to get a new crowd singing along to their intelligently crafted and catchy hooks has never ceased to amaze me. They have an enviable knack of producing music that you love enough to believe, right there and then, that you’ve heard it a hundred times before. There is always an overwhelming sense of intrigue in the room and it is always complimented by a feeling that there are bigger things to come.

Now embracing all things electronic, I am excited to introduce you to their new project Enfant. They’re already creating a buzz on the scene, so we wanted to hear what’s what from them. They kindly offered us an exclusive interview and here’s what they had to say…

Introduce yourselves in your own words

We are an electronic music trio made up of twin brothers Robin and Ali Owen and Ed Ellis. Enfant only started this summer – but we all know each other from playing in previous bands together.  We can’t really tell you who does what as we’re not really sure anymore; everyone writes and everyone plays.  It’s a great way to work because you take the egos out and you come up with something that’s unique between the three of you.

What’s your sound and what’s coming up?

We’re definitely electronic and love combining pumped up bass lines with interesting melodies and big choruses. We’ve got several tracks in the pipeline that cover a few different musical bases; some are a bit darker, some more dance focussed and then some you can sing along to. We’re also into our electro, house and techno and will be exploring these sides of us.  There are a lot of tracks that we know we want to make which will be different but shouldn’t alienate people who were into these first few tracks; we think that’s a really exciting place to be. We’re also working on a couple of remixes that will be available soon.

Can you tell us a little bit about your first single Waking Up the Sun? What’s the story behind it?

Waking Up The Sun is pure hedonism. It’s about letting go of the rigmarole of life and just saying f**k it, life’s not about work, money or responsibilities. We want the song to bring out the memories of those nights/weekends/weeks we’ve all had (or we hope you’ve had) where nothing else mattered apart from the here and now.  For us it’s London, Glastonbury, Ibiza and many more. We’re just in the process of shooting the video for this track, so stay tuned for that too.

Waking Up The Sun by EnFANT

Can you each name a couple of people who’ve inspired you from the past and any who you admire now?

We have such a wide variety of influences between us it’s hard to pinpoint specifics, but if we had to then LCD Soundsystem would definitely be in there, as would the Chemical Brothers. Groove Armada’s Black Light album was a defining album for us. Then you’ve got the likes of Filthy Dukes and pretty much any French electro. We’re also really into Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Alex Metric at the moment.

When can we catch you in action?

We’re DJing around London at the moment and our live show is coming very soon. We all come from backgrounds of playing in bands so we’re taking our music to the stage in a way electronic music often isn’t. We grew up playing live and it’s where we feel most comfortable.

If we see you at the bar, what will yours be?

We’ll be having a lager, a Guinness and a Bourbon. Robin has a bizarre allergy to lager and Ed can’t go a day without whiskey!

Download: Foster the People – Helena Beat (Enfant Remix)

To follow what these boys are up to go to: Enfant on Twitter // Enfant on Facebook

Woody’s Roundup

We’re in Berlin this week, so we’re missing out on the flurry of Bank Holiday weekend activity in the UK. We’ll report back from Bergheim instead, where we’re seeing Radioslave, Luke Solomon and Spencer Parker for Rekids Nacht tonight.

We’re relying on you to represent in our absence, so here are a few of your options:

Off Modern‘s last big blow-out before the summer is on Friday at Corsica Studios, featuring My Panda Shall Fly, The Boogaloo Crew and Zarcorp (Late of Pier). Off Modern are curating the entire weekend, also providing a free party at The Rest is Noise in Brixton on Sunday.

On a hot weekend it’s definitely worth a road trip to the seaside to see Filthy Dukes at the beautiful Kraken Wakes (from the people that brought you the Lock Tavern) in Portsmouth tomorrow, or, if you tend to gravitate towards the nearest car park for a Bank Holiday rave, look no futher than Bugged Out’s Mad Decent Soundsystem at Union Street with Diplo and Drop The Lime, or Mulletover, celebrating 10 years of Mobilee in Hearn Street, featuring Berlin’s own Anja Schneider.

Release-wise, we’re excited about Poni Hoax’s We Are The Bankers on Abracada on Monday. Watch out for the excellent Tropicomix by Mustang.

Here are some of the tracks making a stir this week. In particular, the Alex Metric re-edit of the Beastie Boys Sabotage – which was a frequent feature of his live sets and has been made available after huge demand from fans and bloggers everywhere. Power to the people!

Fox The Fox – Precious Little Diamond (Shep Pettibone Remix)

Au Revoir Simone – Another Likely Story (Aeroplane Remix)

Carte Blanche feat. Kid Sister – Do! Do! Do! (from A-trak’s Dirty South Dance 2 Mixtape – download it free here)

The Scissor Sisters – Invisible Light (Siriusmo Vocal Remix)

Foals – This Orient (Astronomer Dub)

Jose Gonzales – Crosses (The Boogaloo Crew Bootleg)

Beastie Boys – Sabotage (Alex Metric Re-Edit)

Or download them all at once: WoodyXI

Back on the Breaks


Little does he know, but Adam Freeland is partially responsible for a very large part of my life. Back in 2003, when my music taste was a little more malleable, I went to Big Bang 9 at Sheffield Ski Village. It was there that Freq Nasty dropped Adam Freeland’s remix of 7 Nation Army catapulting me into a whirlwind of beats, bass and late night dancing fun.

So, forever indebted, it may not come as a surprise to hear that I would probably like just about anything this man throws at me. That said, I think his latest mix for Data Transmission would be pretty tough for anyone to ignore. A healthy dose of bouncing, banging breaks and more; this is 52 minutes and 14 seconds of Freeland at his filthy finest:

Adam Freeland – DTPodcast 103 (28-04-2010)

Keepaway – Evil Lady
Massive Attack – Atlas Air
Hey Today – Talk To Me (Busy P Mix)
Colette – Think You Want It (Hansenn Dub Mix)
Mlle Caro & Franck Garcia – Soldiers (The Revenge Dub)
Golden Bug – The Game
Hijack – Bring the Panic (Elite Force Remix) (snippet)
Light Year – Sex Education / Freeland – Heel ‘n’ Toe(snippet)
Mauro Picotto – Diamond (Adam Freeland Edit)
Booka Shade – Bad Love (Azari and III Remix)
M17 – Rocking Down The House (snippet)
Felix Cartal – Love (Adam Freeland re-edit)
Mr Oizo – Hun (Ninety Hz mix)
Hey Today – Talk To Me 
Mizzbeats – My World (Om Unit Mix)
LCD Soundsystem – 45-33 (Pilooski Mix)
Solomun – Cloud Dancer (Manuel Tur’s Syphon Drum Mix)
Freeland from the Vaults:

Woody’s Roundup

There are just too many fantastic candidates for Track For The Day out there at the moment, I find I want to write something about every song that comes my way. 2010 is already proving itself to be one of those bumper years of creativity where monumental and long-awaited projects come to fruition.These are tracks that were recent runners-up, and have been giving me a lot of enjoyment in the headphones ever since.

New Young Pony Club – Chaos (Rory Phillips Remix)
Idiotproof – Gorilla (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)
MSTRKRFT – Heartbreaker, feat John Legend (Wolfgang Gartner Remix)
Groove Armada – Paper Romance (Classixx Remix)
Gorillaz – Stylo (Alex Metric remix)
Jamie Anderson – Vietjam

Or get them all in one tasty zipped-up nugget here.

Out on Monday:

The album that’s been doing it for me this week is the excellent Tourist History from Two Door Cinema Club, on Kitsuné from 1st March. I can happily listen to the whole thing two or three times in a row. Here’s my favourite track (although there are so many greats to choose from this changes day-to-day), What You Know.