BPM Roundup

Miss Emily Goddard is representing for OFTV at BPM Festival so expect to see some slightly blurry crowd shots and videos (!) but for those of us stuck in the office in the rainy darkness, you can live it vicariously through the coverage on BE-AT.TV.

You can choose from Life and Death at Mamita’s with Thugfucker, Mano Le Tough and Tale of UsParadise at Coco Maya with the usual suspects Jamie Jones (try to ignore the woman in the crowd screaming), Derrick Carter, Richy Ahmed and Lee Foss, and forthcoming is last night’s Dirtybird Players at Mamita’s with Catz ‘n Dogz, Claude Vonstroke, Justin Martin and J Phlip.

Watch this space to watch the Boiler Room Tulum takeover with the amazing Miguel Puente, Art Department and DJ Tennis, and good old soundcloud has sets already uploaded from Adriatique (Miss Emily Goddard recommends) and Green Velvet.

It’s just the same as being there, right?

Turn. It. Up.

catz-n-dogz-friends-leaves A Catz n’ Dogz mix is always completely and utterly ridiculous. Every single one, and every single time I see them play out, it’s always a complete new set of tracks that blows my mind, mixed in with absolute precision and layered up to a peak.

Well they’ve outdone themselves ahead of their appearance at The Warehouse Project tonight. I think I’m about to rupture an eardrum.

No download or track list yet but I’m begging them at the moment – watch this space.

Catz n Dogz Essential Mix

This is SO DAMN GOOD. I still love how utterly dirty Catz n Dogz play, when Greg and Voitek are so polite and mild-mannered to chat to. Even tracks like their They Frontin’ which are already filthy, are stripped out here until there’s just pure dirt. I’m not sure anyone else could mix in HNNY‘s sample of Brandy and Monica’s The Boy is Mine and still make it sound cool.

01. Jacek Sienkiewicz – Dream Machine
02. Youandewan – Disarray
03. Catz N’ Dogz – Fixnation
04. Prosumer – Blei
05. Ralph MacDonald – Calypso Path (Sofrito Edit)
06. Brooks – Clix
07. Harry Kane – Acapulco Highway (Ralph Falcon – Whateva Acapella)
08. Marshal Jefferson – Mushrooms vs. The Revenge Remix
09. Pedestrian – Hoyle Road
10. Rhydin – Nash
11. Arto Mwambe – Muduhutma
12. Adam Port/Switch – Black Noise (&ME Remix)/Get On Downz (Max Fresh Remix)
13. T-rwrk – Chanté
14. Till Von Sein & Area – Lafayette (Unreleased Version)
15. Fantaboys – Pump It All
16. Alex Cortex – B2 (Catz ‘N Dogz Edit)
17. Hannah Wants – Teardrop On The Fire
18. Detachments – H.A.L. (Andrew Weatherall Disco Dub)
19. Brassroots – Good Life
20. Catz ‘N Dogz & KiNK – Good Love
21. Michael Mayer – Speaker
22. Breach Vs. Ron Costa – Letz Uri (Eats Reebeef)
23. Heartthrob – In My Room
24. The Time & Space Machine – Pill Party In India (Psychemagic Remix)
25. Catz ‘N Dogz vs. Phil Kieran – They Frontin’ feat. Monty Luke/Ghetto Face Space Place
26. Partial Arts – Cruising
27. Dodha – Symbasim
28. Daft Punk – Da Funk (Catz ‘n Dogz 2013 Idiotic Edit)
29. Nikola Baytala – Zero $
30. Mange Tout – What To Do
31. Needs – Brother
32. HNNY – Boy
33. Broker/Dealer – Dig Deep
34. Terry Brooks – Breaking Cycles
download: ul.to/rfr1ywfg

Something else to look forward to as well is a free download album Untitled coming in June from Catz n Dogz’s Different Marks collaboration with the late Martin Dawson. Always giving.


I love watching Catz n’ Dogz DJ as well as listening to them as it’s completely infectious the way they interact with each other. Their body language reflects perfectly the way their sets build the crowd. Everyone in the room starts to smile as they drop basslines, drinks are drunk and everyone gets a bit loose, arms are raised, it becomes a bit of a frenzy towards the end.

I’m completely miserable that we didn’t get to go to BPM Festival this year, but we can at least watch a bit of it on TV.

Little Bits That Matter

tom demac 2Our track for the day today could really be any of the tracks on this EP, and that’s not surprising when you see who is involved – Tom Demac on Pets Recordings. Well done Greg and Voitek (Catz n’ Dogz) for getting this little beauty on your label.

Tom’s been a busy boy this year and has chosen his labels well, with the Critical Distance EP storming out on Hypercolour (who we watched deservedly win Best Label at DJ Mag’s Best of British this week), another EP on their Glass Table imprint as well as a recent release on My Favourite Robot. As his website tells us, he must have finally made the big time, because there’s a piece on him in The Sun!

Tom Demac

Track of the day is a sneaky little builder, a naughty tease which you think is a straight up disco number until it drops this utterly filthy bassline which I actually can’t get enough of. I wasn’t intending to turn on the computer today (I love Christmas) but I just had to write something about this bad boy. So I bring you: Tom Demac, Tanners. Turn. It. UP.

We Love… Catz n’ Dogz

Greg and Voitek from Catz n’ Dogz are the busiest men on the planet. They are prolific with their releases on all sorts of labels (Get Physical and Nurvous being the last two but of course they’re regulars on Dirtybird too), they find and release new talent on their own label Pets Recordings, they attend more or less every festival in the whole world; where they play about a million sets but still manage to attend five or six other parties a night to watch their friends, and now they’ve just completed their Body Language compilation for Get Physical, which I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on.

Here’s just how great they are:

Social Experiment

You know those parties when no matter how long the journey has been, how tired you are or what you’re feeling when you walk in, as soon as you step inside the doors some kind of warmth envelops you and the beats make your feet start moving and the bass shakes and all of a sudden you’re throwing some crazy shapes with a silly grin on your face and you can’t stop all night? No. 19 presents Social Experiment at Sonar was like that.

Ali Love‘s voice, Deniz Kurtel‘s sexy basslines, and the strange-yet-winning combination of Art Department then the secret guest Dubfire worked like a charm; impeccably interweaving hard and fast tech beats with moody deep-house melodies that had a dancefloor going absolutely crazy; just one look at the people’s faces on the podium was enough, and absolutely no-one was leaving or slowing down in any way as it carried on through to 7am.

I missed the No.19 showcase at Miami and this was their first journey to Sonar, facilitated by Barcelona events agency WIP. They’d organised five days of Sonar parties starting with the Suol label night on Wednesday 13 June, then we went to Heidi’s Jackathon with Catz n Dogz and Richy Ahmed joining the lady herself on the Thursday, Wetyourself with Cormac and Martin Dawson on the Friday; Cassy, Rampa and Tiefschwarz for Souvenir and Friends on the Saturday, and ending with Social Experiment on the Sunday, which sold out almost instantly.

WIP started as a one-year Barcelona venue in a disused early 1900s warehouse in 2009, and since then have gone on to host screenings, art exhibitions, fashion shows, start a record label and organise events worldwide (they’re heading to London soon so watch this space). The parties this year were held at the newly renovated Wolf Club; Almogavers 86, which hosts their weekly WERK IT parties (no recovery time for them as they’ve got Amirali and Dia on Friday 29 June), and they’re remodeling their new venue to open October this year.

If this is what we can expect from the team whose events in 2010 set an all-time record for attendance at an off-Sonar event then I’m booking some October flights now.