Your Mama’s Friend

Piano moods
This is a lovely little bit of piano-house, and I really enjoyed the whole EP; a nice mix of upbeat house with some great vocals. Actually I’ve had it on repeat for a lot of the day – it just trips along and flows nicely. Well done that man.

It’s from The Phantom, aka Warsaw based Bartosz Kruczynski, it’s called Piano Moods, and is due for release on 17 January on Marcin Czubala‘s Your Mama’s Friend imprint. Nice remixes too from Medlar and Chaos in the CBD.

Jogalani, Quandong, Broccoli (and an exclusive remix)

The fourth EP in a string of greats from Malente‘s No Brainer label is Jogalani, by Swick, AKA Danny Omerhodic from Melbourne. Released on 4 February, it contains three of the most originally titled tracks I’ve ever heard: Jogalani, Quandong and Broccoli, with remixes from my favourite man Vhyce as well as Douster, Them Jeans, Chaos In The CBD and Malente himself. Shrugging the typical darker elements of the Berlin sound, No Brainer concentrates on ‘the happy end dimension,’ with a more fun afro-beat style electro, full of percussion and characteristically banging basslines, so Swick is the perfect choice as a fresh young producer to add to their roster. He’s also responsible for the latest in the No Brainer podcast series, which you can stream below (DJ Orgasmic bootleg of Ludacris? Yes please), and he’s kindly given us an exclusive remix by MayaVanya, two girls from New Zealand who are about to team up with Magik Johnson for their debut single.
Swick – Broccoli (MayaVanya Remix) [Right click to download]

We asked him some quick questions about the new EP and his tropical sound.
Happy new year! It’s great to see that 2011’s already started with a bang for you. Were you at home for Christmas? Is it barbeque on the beach?
I just spent my christmas at my grandparents house like every other family in the world I think! Haha.

Melbourne has built up a deservedly great reputation for electro, with the likes of Midnight Juggernauts, the Bang Gang crew and Cut Copy, do you see yourself as part of that or would you categorise your sound differently?
Yeah those guys are awesome so I wouldn’t categorise myself with them at all, but our sounds are actually really different; my music is more fun and stupid I guess.

Who did you listen to growing up?
I used to listen to Prince a lot because my dad was a big fan. I don’t really remember what else, but probably some embarrassing stuff!

You’ve also released on Bang Gang founder Ajax’s label Sweat It Out! And both labels have an irreverent look and sound. For me there’s a definite similarity with No Brainer in this kind of ‘tropical’ element to the music (which I loved when I heard your ‘Under The Sea’ take). Is this why No Brainer was an appropriate place to release Jogalani?
Thanks, glad you liked Under The Sea. Yeah I’m really happy to have a release out on No Brainer, I feel like the music does suit the label.

Amazing remixes on there too….
Yeah the remixes turned out amazing. I like them all especially the Douster remix!

Are you playing many promotional dates for the EP?
A few- this Saturday I am playing at After Dark Social Club with Malente and next week I’ve got a show in Brisbane for the EP.

Are you playing any dates in the UK?
Nah not yet, I wish! Me and my friend hope to come over to Europe soon though…

What are your next plans? Are you in the studio at the moment?
Yeah I have been working on some new music. I have an EP out next month on Top Billin which I am excited about!

Thanks very much for talking to us – keep up the good work.
No worries. Thank you!

Woody’s Roundup

One of my favourite parts of the weekend is the getting ready ritual: mainly the part where you pour yourself a LARGE vodka, crank up the stereo and dance around your bedroom. The perfect soundtrack for this is Zombie Disco Squad, and this week we have just the mix:

Zombie Disco Squad live in Mexico City – July 2010

Jacques Renault and Wolf + Lamb in one place, especially when that place is a secret one in Dalston; now that sounds like a Love Fever party to me…Get your dirty selves down there tomorrow for some debauched disco. Then drop by Fabric as they go On and On until 2pm Sunday with Ricardo Villalobos. And as for tonight, do you know what? We’re going to have a little rest.

Woody turns 21 today, so in celebration, here’s your twenty-first zip file: Woody XXI.
Brought to you by:
Reporter – Claw Shaw (Runaway remix)
Marina and the Diamonds – Oh No! (Jaymo Andy George’s Moda mix)
Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand (O-God remix)
Jazzbit – Sing Sing Sing (Yolanda Be Cool and DCUP Remix)
Florence and the Machine – Swimming
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – Spottie YES!!!
Green Velvet – Shake and Pop (Chaos in the CBD and Tom Lawson remix). Now I’ve already posted the original of this, but Chaos in the CBD are so great and this little diamond keeps twinkling at me.

Monday is album day, so buy Jamaica‘s No Problem and The Count and Sinden‘s Mega Mega Mega, because they’re going to be ace! The Count and Sinden offer a little taster for the price of an email address mix here.