Little Bits That Matter

tom demac 2Our track for the day today could really be any of the tracks on this EP, and that’s not surprising when you see who is involved – Tom Demac on Pets Recordings. Well done Greg and Voitek (Catz n’ Dogz) for getting this little beauty on your label.

Tom’s been a busy boy this year and has chosen his labels well, with the Critical Distance EP storming out on Hypercolour (who we watched deservedly win Best Label at DJ Mag’s Best of British this week), another EP on their Glass Table imprint as well as a recent release on My Favourite Robot. As his website tells us, he must have finally made the big time, because there’s a piece on him in The Sun!

Tom Demac

Track of the day is a sneaky little builder, a naughty tease which you think is a straight up disco number until it drops this utterly filthy bassline which I actually can’t get enough of. I wasn’t intending to turn on the computer today (I love Christmas) but I just had to write something about this bad boy. So I bring you: Tom Demac, Tanners. Turn. It. UP.

Going to heaven with the goodie-goodies

There were a lot of male voices pumping from the speakers in Miami, either whispering seductively, shouting their message or rapping. I guess it’s the laid back bar culture dipped in American sun that lends itself well to the spoken word, and it appeared in many guises, including Jimmy Edgar‘s This One’s For the Children dropped by Russ Yallop in the darkness inside at Electric Pickle, and Amine Edge and DANCE’s Going to Heaven with the Goodie-Goodies, played by the lovely Heidi at DJ Mag’s Recession Sessions.

I came back to old blighty and did some research, and now am not only the proud owner of Jimmy Edgar’s new album Majenta, but am enjoying a trully excellent monthly fix of Amine Edge’s promo mixes, live sets (he has an extensive collection for download on his soundcloud page) and perfect timing: this morning he’s just sent out a podcast by him and DANCE for Runnin Wild.

The Frenchman has been releasing since 2007 and categorises his sound as ‘G House;’ Gangsta house with a nod to its hip hop origins (the Goodie-Goodies sample is from The Notorious B.I.G.’s Hold Ya Head). Another reason why the sound suited Miami so well, and I can’t help be a fan as it’s from the same camp as the Puente & Rosch style, although slightly faster on the BPM which gives it a bit more of a dancey feel.

An absolute tonne of his productions have been gracing the stores recently, such as his infamous edit of Nina Kravitz‘s Ghetto Kravitz, released on Rekids in April, and his Keep Me on My Feet EP, out on Nurvous also in April. DANCE is a good friend and frequent collaborator, and the two are working on an album for release later in the year.

So, I hear you say, what of Going to Heaven with the Goodie-Goodies? Well, we’ve got a release date of 11 June on Diynamic‘s sister label 2DIY4, so it won’t be long before you too can blow some dancefloors with it.

Miami Diary 2012

We made a little stop-off after Miami WMC this year at Disney World and to spend some more time in the sun, so my apologies that this is already a bit tardy and there’s already been a lot of ‘this track that track’ chat.

Our schedule was pretty busy; we arrived on Friday 16th and headed straight to Electric Pickle for the WMC launch party with Catz n Dogz, then had a couple of sun days before DJ Mag‘s Recession Sessions at the Shelbourne and Culprit vs Leftroom at Treehouse Wednesday 21 March, then Thursday Dirtybird BBQ at Villa 221, Hypercolour with Groove Armada at The Delano and the Hot Creations party Shine at the Shelbourne. Friday we headed to the beautiful Standard for lunch before the Ed Banger poolside party to honour DJ Mehdi, which was gorgeous. Saturday we were up early for Haitian food at the amazing Tap Tap restaurant before the all-dayer Get Lost at Electric Pickle, then back to Treehouse for the Get Physical party in the evening. And finally the Sunday marathon; we went back and forth between Giant Throbbing Electric Pickle at Electric Pickle and Last Resort at Villa 221, catching a bit of Soul Clap vs Wolf + Lamb‘s marathon five hour set upstairs at the Pickle then back to Villa for a Hot Creations party and a trip to the suburbs for the sunrise.

New venues worth mentioning are new South Beach spot Treehouse (lovely garden) and the beautiful Villa 221, which hosted everyone’s favourite day parties; the Dirtybird BBQ (Justin Martin‘s Mum and Dad manning the barbeque!) and Last Resort. The lunch, the cocktails and the sunset at The Standard hotel, where all the DJs seemed to be staying, was also pretty stunning – especially when soundtracked by So-Me and Surkin playing Regulate and Snoop Doggy Dog’s What’s My Name in memory of Dj Mehdi.

Standout DJs were without doubt Maceo Plex, who made it hard for anyone to follow him (even the team of Seth Troxler and Damien Lazarus at Get Lost dropping classics like Pink Floyd‘s Another Brick in the Wall) and worked the crowd up to a ridiculously sweaty mess at both Electric Pickle and Last Resort at Villa 221, Catz n Dogz who we saw four or five times and still played us fresh goodies every set (including the track of Miami for me, It’s You by The White Lamp) Solomun, who carefully walked the line between plinky-plonky hazy Miami tracks and booty-shakers, playing the beautiful Angie Stone rework Same Old Story by Frankie J Dickens and Patrick Bodhi, and Maya Jane Coles; big beats from the tiny figure, particularly at the Hypercolour party at The Delano, which made us excited about her forthcoming DJ Kicks compilation.

So here are a few of the tracks that made it special for us this year.

There were a LOT of great hip-hop breakdowns and edits to bring the tempo down for a bit. I’m trying my hardest to find some of them, watch this space!

And just a little whinge from me: shame on you to the labels/organisers/venues who took ticket bookings weeks in advance then still kept ticket-holders queueing for hours at the door, often saying venues were at capacity and it was one-in-one-out. We waited outside the Hot Creations party on Thursday for an hour and a half despite paying more for that ticket in early February than any of our others, and in the end we gave up. The guest list queue was longer than the ticket holders queue and most of them had decided to call it a night at 3am when we left. Is it wrong to assume that buying a ticket means entry to the club?

Eats Everything for DJ Mag

We had to interrupt this Friday’s Woody’s Roundup broadcast with a new mix from Eats Everything from our friends at DJ Mag. Two in one week, both absolutely brilliant and totally different, this one is packed full of old school house and disco and makes you want to grin at everyone (I listened to it on the tube, with consequences).

DJ Weekly Podcast 65: Eats Everything by djmag


Alex Nagshineh is releasing his EP How I Escaped My Certain Fate on Noice! on 14 December, and it’s a very tasty number from a new producer I didn’t know much about before. It turns out he’s learnt from the best, becoming a protege of Martin Dawson after meeting in a club in 2007, and since then has been putting his spin on the classics, such as Und’s Fox In The Box.

Alex is now part of the Lo*kee collective and his remixes for James Teej, Marc Ashken and Penguin Prison are all gaining widespread support from industry heads and receiving specialist radio play on the likes of Capital FM and Pulse.

The EP includes a remix from Culprit Label owners, Droog, as well as the excellently dark B-side Buy One Get One 3: have a listen here:
Buy One Get One 3 (original mix) by Alex Nagshineh

He’s also giving away his remix of Azari & III‘s Manic (DJ Mag gave it 8* and called it ‘haunting disco-noir’) as a free download here:

AZARI AND III – MANIC – ( Alex Nagshineh remix) by Alex Nagshineh

Beep Dee

This month’s DJ mag’s cover-mount CD was uh-mazing, slightly less for the mixing than this man’s unrivaled ability to find and produce the best new music out there. Spybar Chicago presents Lee Foss, and among recent favourites such as Infinity Inc (Ali Love and Luca C)’s Games, was nestled Beep Dee‘s Sensations.

Beep Dee’s track Colorado was a highlight of Lee’s Hot Waves 001 compilation too, and it seems the young Brazilian, real name Cesar Werlon, is going to be someone to watch in the near future.

Beep Dee – Sensations by Beep Dee

Woody’s Roundup

It’s that time of year: everyone has returned from a whirlwind sunny week by the pool/on a boat/on a roof top/on the beach in Miami to rain, the office and bank balances, and all we have left is the memories to keep us going. Cue rapid googling, youtubing, soundclouding and general sharing of all the things that rocked the week and will set us up for the Easter Bank Holiday.

Of course there were too many parties and DJs to list, and props already went out to some of our favourites last Friday, but we’re just going to mention a few people that have helped us get through this oh-so-tough 2-day week.

1. Joris Voorn. He was everywhere, from SET to the DJ Mag pool party, to Space, to Pete Tong, to The Victor, throwing in a few unscheduled boat party appearances along the way. He adapted his sets to fit the setting with a quick versatility and intelligence that made everything sound incredibly fresh, even a real oldie like Nalin & Kane’s Beachball.
2. James Zabiela. When James smiles, the whole world smiles with him, and it’s certainly a welcome treat to get given an album for free too. James played highlights from his new Renaissance Masters Series compilation, reminding us of his penchant for breaks and ability to play what sounds like an oxymoron; emotive tech.
3.Dennis Ferrer. He was awarded hero status for playing a double length set at the DJ Mag pool party when there was a no-show, and as we splashed around trying to dance knee deep in water on the pool steps we realised just how many releases this man is responsible for. A driving force behind beefy, shiny-happy soulful house; his own Hey Hey was a standout moment.
4. DJ Harvey and the Aquabooty party at Shore Club. Imagine the delight felt by Graeme Clark AKA The Revenge when he walked in just as the goosebump-inducing Stevie Wonder sample from his gorgeous track Night Flight rang out across a crowd whose every arm was in the air. Lanterns in the trees, Aeroplane playing by the pool, a light breeze, and a group of people who, under the influence of vintage vocals and space disco, by the end of the night felt like they’d known each other forever. Not a bad way for Joe Budious to celebrate his last Aquabooty after co-founding the night five years ago.
5. Sander Kleinenberg. Sander at Little Mountain Rocks was our last party of WMC 2010, and the atmosphere was electric from start to finish. So much so that Sander carried on playing until 6.30 after officially finishing at 5, ending with the encore to end all encores including Erotic City by Prince, Survivor’s Eye of The Tiger, and his own This Is Not Miami. The entire crowd became a sweaty mass of cuddling arms and off-key singing, and Sander got on the mic to tell us, “when I wrote this song I pictured it exactly like this.”

The whole ethos behind the Winter Music Conference is to showcase new tracks, so we’re unable to provide download links to a lot of these just yet. The ones we do have are very low quality and won’t play very loud. All the more reason to put them on your radar and go and buy them when they come out in time to recreate our own Miami during the famous UK Summer (!).

Miami tracks include:
Crookers – Cooler Couleur (Junkie XL remix)
Cassius – 1999 (Tim Green remix)
Nalin & Kane – Beachball (Joris Voorn remix)
Sander Kleinenberg – R.Y.A.N.L
The Revenge – Night Flight
Jan Driver – Tellyfoam
Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey

James Zabiela at Pete Tong's Pool Party