Woody’s Roundup

Oh Fabric, you spoil us! Sweet Jesus this is a pretty line-up. If I were in London tonight there would be absolutely no question where I’d be (although Style of Eye is at The Nest and there is a Christmas offering from consistently superb party-kids Off Modern at the new Peckham Hotel), but our little rave-team is travelling to Manchester for the mighty Warehouse Project once again, to see our favourites Bowski, Fake Blood, Erol, Jacques Lu Cont and Boy 8-Bit.

December weekends have sweeeet DJs playing all over our fair city. Tomorrow there’s a Numbers warehouse party with Jamie XX, Steve Lawler‘s at Hearn Street Car Park for Onemore birthday, The Revenge is adding some disco goodness to the Horse and Groom, Shaun Reeves, Clockwork and Thugfucker are playing at Fabric, Hey Today! Are at Queen of Hoxton for Orlando Boom.

Sunday The Lock are proving themselves legendary once again, with Fake Blood, Riton
In a pub? For free? Can this be real?

Peace – BBlood (Wax Cotton Remix)
Beni – Someone Just Like You (Style Of Eye Remix)
Cevin Fisher – Music in My Soul (Jamie Jones More Dance Edit)
Claude Vonstroke – Who’s Afraid of Detroit(MunniBrotherz 2011 rework)
Little Boots – Shake (Azari & III remix)
The Opiates – Reality TV (Drop Out Orchestra Dub)
Electronic – Getting Away With It (Greg Wilson edit)

In music news, we were pleased to hear this week that Filthy Dukes‘ second album is almost wrapped up. Take a listen to this beauty (remind me to post the free download when they give it away on the Fabric Blog in the next couple of weeks)
Time To Let Go by Filthy Dukes

Woody’s Roundup

Well pinch-punch-first-of-the-month, which as usual means that there are way too many good nights and not enough time. And as for you with the birthdays, there are DJs to see!

So, tonight, go old school with Marshall Jefferson at Fairchild (car park rave), or go see Waifs & Strays for free at That Mixmag Thing #15 at Queen of Hoxton. Oooh and I’ve just noticed Sishi Rösch is playing at the Horse and Groom for Coconut Ritz. Miguel Puente drew my attention to him and together they’re pretty unstoppable (more dates for both of them in London please!). To give you an example, here’s a little video from one of their Sonar appearances. I’ve been waiting for an excuse to post this as it sounds sweeeeeeet, and I’d pretty much kill to see either and both of them play anywhere at the moment.

Hessle Audio are at Fabric, with Pearson Sound and Joy Orbison, and you could keep it Fabric (we are) by attending the mammoth 5 Years of Leftroom there tomorrow night, with Matt Tolfrey and the Leftroom crew in Room 2 and Hot Natured (Lee Foss and Jamie Jones) in Room 3. We had great fun at Soul Clap’s 90s Jam with Lee Foss at the Star of Bethnal Green on Wednesday, and in between the two Lee’s off to play in Naples, at Gottwood Festival in Wales and DC10 in Ibiza. He was asking anyone on Facebook if he could borrow a pillow…
Glimpse and Miguel Campbell are playing The CAMP for Mutant Disco, Stopmakingme and The Deadstock 33s are playing the Lemonade Launch Party at The Nest, and if you’re headed towards the slightly more hardcore then Spectrum have their Summer Warehouse Party at Ewer Street Car Park with Nero, Kissy Sell Out, Chase and Status and Sinden.

I always tell myself I’m going to get out of the city in July as much as possible, and it never happens, simply because the July line ups are ridiculous for the whole month every single year. 2011 is heading that way too, with Nicolas Jaar coming live two days in a row at Fabric at the end of the month, Lovebox bringing everyone I love into Victoria Park, and The Nest continuing a fantastic booking job, with Julio Bashmore and Riton next weekend. Bloody good work London.

Bassheads – Is Anybody Out There (Greg Wilson Edit) – a walk down memory lane. Huge thanks to Greg for giving this away on soundcloud this week
Joakim – Forever Young (Discodeine Remix)
Jacques Greene – Lay It Down (Nacho Lovers Remix) the original of this is worth your pennies fo sho.
Theophilius London – Flying Overseas (Soul Clap EFunk Remix)
Toddla T – Watch Me Dance (SebastiAn Remix) Also worth your money for the whole release as all the remixes are great.
Lucky Paul – Thought We Were Alone (Gang Colours Remix)
Rainbow Arabia – Blind (Salva Remix) Rainbow Arabia have just announced a summer tour including the Shoreditch 1,2,3,4 festival next week 9th July.

Woody 52. ZIP

Instruments of Rapture

Graeme Clark has the soul fire within him. Hailling from Glasgow, he started making records as a teenager with his dad’s old drum machine and a sampler, under the influence of rock, soul, funk and early rave. Just a look on The Revenge’s website shows just how prolific he’s been. With releases on labels such as Under The Shade/Jiscomusic, Modernista, UK label Five20East, his L.E.S.S. productions imprint as OOFT with Ali Herron, and his own vinyl-only Instruments of Rapture. Also releasing under the aliases Burnt Island Casuals and the 6th Borough Project, his influence on a track is instantly recognisable by soulful, smooth-tempo beats mixed with classic samples that you can’t help but dance to, including Stevie Wonder’s Love Light In Flight, and Michael McDonald’s I Keep Forgettin’ (Every Time You’re Near).

His remix of Ryo Murakami’s Just For This features on the second installment of Steve Bug’s label Dessous‘s Best Kept Secrets, and he’s playing all over Europe in May, including the Warm & Discovery Bank Holiday Day and Night this Sunday at the Horse and Groom in Shoreditch. A barbeque all day and music all night; sounds pretty good to us.

We had a quick chat.

Hi Graeme, it’s a pleasure talking with you. You’re one of those artists who is involved in some way with what seems to be everything we post on One From The Vaults – mainly because I think we share your love of disco. How did you end up going down the disco route, did you listen to it as a child?
Ha ha … I don’t actually play that much disco. I think the ‘spirit’ of disco is maybe present in my sound, and with disco being the foundation of house and techno, it’s easier to incorporate all these elements into an evening if the audience has an open mind. But I like to think it’s more of an eclectic taste rather than a purist one.

If you could bring one of the icons of the disco era back from beyond the grave to work with, who would it be?
Larry Levan seemed to be an advocate of that of sense of eclecticism, in that he played what he felt the audience could use to take them another step on that journey through the night. Even if sometimes it was challenging, he was known to drop all kinds of music during the evening and that really appeals to me. Music without barriers.

6th Borough, Burnt Island Casuals AND The Revenge, can you categorise the differences, eg. Is Burnt Island Casuals your up-tempo hat? There are often releases on more than one at the same time, do you find it hard to switch production between them?
They are just different collaborations really. I work with Craig Smith on the 6th Borough Project stuff and I work with Harri (Sub Club) on the Burnt Island Casuals stuff. In that sense, it’s not hard to switch production hats as it’s a different dynamic in the studio every time and we just work with what is best for the track at the time.

You play all around the world and I see you’ve been away for a while, good to see you back for Bank Holiday! Did you have troubles with the volcanic ash?
My flights were cancelled but luckily I was in the UK so I got the train which I normally prefer, but the journey back to Glasgow from London on a Sunday is not for the faint hearted!

Where’s your favourite place to play?
Anywhere with an open-minded audience.

Your Regulate sample, amazing! You’ve managed to keep the integrity of an iconic track like that and yet make it sound fresh. How do you choose your samples and what’s your favourite so far?
Thanks. I’ve always loved the Michael MacDonald track that Regulate samples – it was just a combination of the two. It’s just a gut reaction on a track. If I think there is something I want to do to a piece of music to fit it into the context of a set, then that’s usually a good starting point. Can’t really put my finger on a favourite though.

So projects for 2010 – remixes, EPs, performances?
Loads! … you’ll be sick of me if you aren’t already.

See you on the Horse and Groom roof for a burger!
For sure. I’ll bring the sauce.

The Revenge – Delusions of Grandeur podcast mix, Feb 2010