Track for the Day

I LOVE Julio Bashmore. Bashmore has provided me with countless rave glows – those moments where you take a moment to look around you at the crowd and everyone’s smiling and the sun’s out and you’re just so happy to be there. So of late, I have to say I’ve been a little disappointed with some of his output. I’ve waited, excitedly, for a new record which has on occasion not lived up to my own hype. Until now.

The beautiful summery, nostalgic, chilled, romantic soulful disco of Holding On, out on 10 July on his own Broardwalk Records as part of his forthcoming debut album Knockin’ Boots.

If you want a bigger dose, his Essential Mix from early May is well worth it.

Rave Cooking

I’m at that awkward age where I should technically be thinking about being a bit more domestic, maybe not going out until 7 any more, or perhaps when going out until 7 not carrying on the afterparty until it’s nighttime again.

I’ve tried to broaden my horizons; get up in time to see daylight, read the paper, cook. But I just really do love house music. So I found a compromise: rave-cook. Just whack the stereo up and make sure any movement that needs to be done – chopping, mixing (you catch my drift) is done in a suitable dancing fashion. Call it the Cookery Skank, if you will, and it always puts a bemused smile on the faces of my flatmates to find me giving it some in Club Min (aka The Kitchen).

I wanted to share a few little lovelies that resulted in a very tasty salmon hot pot (Wagamama recipe book) and a lemon and buttercream sponge cake (Rachel Allen) this weekend.

1. Kry Wolf, Together (Makes No Sense Remix). I’ve had this in my draft posts for this blog ever since I got sent the promo from Kry Wolf and Shadow Child‘s Food Music in January, and I wish there had been enough hours in the day for me to finish it. They’re the guys who collaborated with Claude Vonstroke on Turbosteppa, and this track went off last night when T Williams played it at the Electric in Brixton as part of the EXCELLENT Julio Bashmore tour.

You can buy this now, so you should.

2. Kate Simko, Go On Then (The Remixes)
I loved this the first time round, and I was always slightly dubious of remix EPs until I realised that they often come about because there’s one absolutely epic remix of a track that surfaces after the release, so the producers rise to the challenge, give some other people a bit more time to make some cool bits, and round two ends up being damn good. The one for me on this five-track feast is Ian Pooley‘s main mix, but Franck Roger‘s in there, as are Blond:ish. Again, out now and worth your pennies. It’ll make cooking more fun.

3. Gorgon City feat Yasmin, Real
Thanks to T Williams again for this bad boy; Gorgon City are RackNRuin and Foamo, and everything they’re doing is shit hot. The world and his dog are going mental for them right now, and deservedly so. I mean, just listen to that sneaky little bassline, sweet Jesus that’s hot! Out today on Black Butter records; we’re building a nice little playlist.

4. Lana del Rey, Summertime Sadness (Adam Freeland remix) – given as a free download when you like Adam’s Facebook page. This is a slow build and is actually just as good for comedown-cook (aka trying to eat a bit of toast then realising everything tastes like sand) as rave-cook. I felt a bit emotionally attached to this record today as the sun faded outside the window.

5. Miguel Puente – La Santanera podcast
This is slow and soulful and bassy – absolutely perfect for cooking, and because it’s an hour long you won’t overcook the veg while you’re busy faffing around searching for the next track.

So there you have a little recipe of weekend tracks, go forth and rave-cook.

Well Rounded: Donga drops a fresh mix & talks melting records

Every now and then we notice a label-pattern emerging. With so many more independent labels around now, it seems to happen more and more. Release after release has that familiar little code or image that subconsciously threads them all together at the back of your mind and niggles away at you until you take the time to dig a little deeper…

Well Rounded Records has been the cause of this lately. Although we didn’t know it at the time, a trip to Beatport to pick up Deadboy’s huge U Cheated EP was our first introduction to the label. Keeping an eye on the likes of Manchester’s xxxy, a love for Leon Vynehall’s Mauve EP and most recently, stumbling across South London Ordnance has pointed us quite clearly in this direction. So we thought it was time we stood up and gave Brighton-based Well Rounded Records some love and attention.

Well Rounded Records is the parent of two wonderful, bad-boy children, Well Rounded Individuals and the Well Rounded Housing Project. Whilst the Well Rounded Housing Project imprint technically focuses on releases that derive from house, the Well Rounded Individuals impression has free reign.

The label was started by DJ and producer, Donga. Donga’s work started in a record store in Brighton by day, giving him full-time exposure to endless supplies of records, new and old. Since he launched Well Rounded onto the scene in 2009, he has given an array of then relatively unheard-of producers such as Julio Bashmore, xxxy, Deadboy and Hackman a platform which would allow them to share their music – both physically and digitally.

We caught up with Donga on his return to from this year’s Echo festival in Croatia. Not only that, he’s very kindly agreed to put together a new mix for us…

First of all, thank you very much for putting together a mix. Can you tell us a bit about what you’ve picked out?

No particular rhyme or reason, just pulled out some things that have been tickling my fancy lately and jammed. Listening back it’s a bit rough here and there and doesn’t follow the most logical direction throughout but I can’t plan my sets as it feels too contrived and clinical for me. Most gratifyingly I received some fresh white labels of some forthcoming WR releases, so I’ve got 7 tracks from us in there which are set to hit the shelves over the next few weeks!!

To catch people up, what’s your story and how did the label came about? How did you wind up DJing and producing?

I’ve been DJing since I was a kid really. I used to take over at some of my dad’s gigs when I was a little boy. Put my first electronic record out in 1993. I have released a shit load of records under many many aliases, but I’m not inclined to go deep into that as it’s all about looking forward and finding the next musical thrill or challenge. I ended up doing both of these things because I’m basically hot for vinyl. I hope this does not prove to be my ultimate undoing, haha.

Your label’s discography is a testament to the fact that you’re obviously an advocate of cutting edge UK sounds and showcasing fresh talent, what do you think shapes or has shaped your personal taste over time? Have you always had a flair for the bassier side of things?

I’m a pretty handy drummer and my approach is to bond musically with the bass player. Without a strong rhythm section you ain’t doin shit. And in simple terms, if it’s bass we’re looking at, then shouldn’t that bottom end potential be pronounced? If it’s bass – make it bassy. This is where too many rock musicians miss a trick, so I inevitably ended up listening to funk, dub and dance music to get that low end buzz.

The 2009 U Cheated EP from Deadboy was obviously a massive hit and is now documented as a club classic of recent times, it was also Well Rounded’s first release. Did you expect such a great start? How did that affect the direction you took things with the progression of the label in 2010?

Basically that was just the reaction the music provoked happily. I find it difficult to discuss too much about how we may have approached the strategy of releases because I really try to shut as many of those thoughts as possible. We want to release music that has a wide enough audience to sustain ourselves but that’s not a guiding principle. Errr, yeah this stuff is difficult to define. I don’t want to pigeonhole myself. Broadmindedness is key. One sound will never be enough for my appetite.

There’s a huge amount of exciting, genre-bending music coming out the UK at the moment, did that have an influence on you starting up your sub-label ventures in 2011?

It all makes sense to me. Some quarters of the industry are a bit unsure what we are up to. No surprise there. Again it’s hard to explain why I am trying to do so much. Bare enthusiasm for these particular tunes and artists I guess. Well Rounded was named to suggest a healthy diet should include lots of different, yet complimentary components. It’s all an extension of that maybe…

With artists and labels being so heavily intertwined these days and becoming effectively a brand together, do you think it’s important for every label to have a family of artists and a signature sound? Have you got a label family feel forming over at Well Rounded?

I’d love to view us as a family but truth is I don’t exclusively hold people down. I think if people are particularly ambitious then they should be free to pursue the best options put before them with my blessing. But we are always here for them should they wish to return at any time. I think this engenders a good feeling between us which is why people come back and play our showcases even if they haven’t released with us for a while. I’m not interested in signature sounds, just quality. I’d rather consider a record that I may struggle to fully grasp rather than more functional fodder that sounds barely different from other stuff. People should be aiming to be stand alone mavericks in my opinion.

Look at UR from Detroit – from deep space electro to hard acid techno to gospel house all under one banner. THAT I can respect. I’m not that interested in my peers unless they appear to be doing something a bit different. I could mention a few but I hope they might know who they are…

We’ve seen that you’ve just come back from Glade Festival and Echo in Croatia, how were those?

Festivals is all about weather right? So here’s the UK story: I played 20 foot in the air in a precariously constructed pyramid at Glade for Sneaker Social Club. Myself and our host Richter got lashed by wind and drenched by water that was being blown directly off a tarpaulin down onto the mixer and vinyl etc. Then we had sound issues. I struggled on for as long as possible but had to admit defeat. The crowd that gathered were great though and Jamie from SSC / Hypercolour is an absolute trooper. I would do almost anything for him!

And in Croatia: Temperatures got up to 42 degrees. My records were nearly melting on the decks. We did a 7-hour showcase from 5pm to midnight on the main stage and it was a beautiful unforgettable experience for me. I could gush on for ages here but basically I recommend people get out to this one next year. It looks likely we will be going back though still discussions to be had…

Can we expect to see you & the WR crew at all the biggies this summer?

A lot of UK festivals haven’t picked up on us yet. But i’m used to playing the waiting game. We got a big one in Sweden with only 3 UK label showcases, us, Swamp 81 and Numbers, so that’s getting a bit more like it I guess. I would imagine we will do more next year. The ones we have done so far are already talking about us coming back so response is good.

It’s only June but what’s been your biggest festival track so far this year?

Toooooo many. But Justin Martin’s remix of Kemistry by Goldie is one. I been reviving Just Vybe by Scratcha and Fatima and thats done the trick, and from us XXXY I Know This Cant Be Love and Wheez-ie’s Choke Hold blow the tent roof off a treat.

We’re amazed, do you still have time for your record store job with all these gigs and labels to run, not to mention the merchandise!?

Mighty Humble Clothing take care of everything with the shirts and are doing a fantastic job. Big respect to them. I don’t work in a shop at the moment. I have done on and off since I was 18. I am a bit too busy right now. It’s nice to concentrate on being a digger / punter and DJ. Maybe I’ll open my own one day if younger generations decide to get off their asses and into physical shops in greater numbers?

We’ve been hugely impressed with the releases so far this year, most recently from South London Ordnance, who seems to be getting an excellent response to his new Trojan / Pacific EP. What have we got to look forward to this summer?

The next few up are South London Ordnance – Trojan / Pacific (out in a week or two), then Spatial – Deconstructivist Dubs (mid July), then a 4 Track Various Artists EP of slow house lushness called The Slow Spectrum on Housing Project and an EP by a wild new talent from Nottingham called Spare on WR Individuals. Beyond that, Cash Antics Vol 3 / Hodge / more Leon V and tons tons more I could mention. I urge people to support our vinyl releases as much as poss as the mission moves ahead…

Finally, you’re a big vinyl lover – which 5 pieces of wax would you not turn up to a WR party without? We’ll be down the front at the next one…

This changes all the time. My current top 5 might be:

The next party is Friday 20 July in our hometown of Brighton at the fantastic Green Door Store venue under the station and its FREEEEEEEEEEEE!!! 11pm – 5am in the company of Deadboy / Roots Unit / Donga / Blake. If you can reach, come and join the jam.

We’ll leave you with this, a video we fell in love with earlier this year. Whether or not you caught it the first time round, it’s well and truly worth a visit, or a revisit. Absolutely beautiful. Now go and snap up the Well Rounded back catalogue, it’s well worth it…

XXXY – I Know This Can’t Be Love from Big Egg Films on Vimeo.

Hi, I’m Julio Bashmore.

Fast cars, money, but no record label to truly call my own? This ends today…

The mighty Julio Bashmore has started his own record label, Boardwalk Records, and the first track is an aboslute beaut from the man himself, called Au Seve, BW001, out 2 July.

The more I listen to his ‘mysteriously swashbuckling house music’ Radio 1 show the more I like him and his laid back, dry Bristolian humour. His tweets are bloody funny too: see below “My brother’s haloumi self-portrait”

Here’s last night’s offering from the Radio 1 studios: Julio Bashmore, In New DJs We Trust, 17/05/2012

Woody’s Roundup

Sorry we didn’t bring you a Halloween special last week folks, but Emily and I travelled up to Manchester for a double-header at The Warehouse Project, and frankly with Jamie Jones, Jamie XX, Jesse Rose, Julio Bashmore, Four Tet, Hessle Audio, Homework, Oliver $ and Seth Troxler on the decks, nothing in London could come close.

We’re heading out of town again this week, down to the South Coast for the Dirtybird All-Nighter at Audio in Brighton tonight, with the lovely Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin and Eats Everything. However, if you’re in London they’re doing the whole thing over again at Fabric tomorrow, and tonight you can content yourselves with WildKats at Basing House, and Jesse Rose at The Nest. There’s a lot on this weekend elsewhere too, with the legends that are Puente & Rosch playing at Basing House for Dented Melons, The Juan Maclean album launch party at Queen of Hoxton, and Catz n Dogz gracing the decks at Corsica Studios. We can’t attend any of this crazy fun (until post 1.30 anyway) because Vaults are back on the decks all night at The Hospital club, and you can come and see us for free by emailing your guest list names to [email protected] We’re on the top floor so there should be a pretty good view of the fireworks alongside some dark and dirty tunes.

Oh and if you’re still raring to go on Sunday (and I’ve seen the crowd at these Sunday parties, a very low percentage of them have been to bed) Creche has a stellar line-up once more, with Laura Jones and Waifs & Strays at Queen of Hoxton.

Here are some of this week’s freebies to help you get ready for the weekend.
Lana Del Ray – Blue Jeans (Penguin Prison Remix)
Duran Duran – Girls On Film (Drop Out Orchestra Rework)
Canyons – See Blind Through (DJ Harvey Remix)
Mighty Mouse – Ice Beer (Bootleg Version)
Till von Sein – Sassomon
Kele – Goodbye Horses (Q Lazzarus Cover)

Woody’s Roundup

Party season’s started, and this weekend there’s a veritable banquet of club nights to choose from. Tonight our favourite Kill Em All returns to Fabric, with Filthy Dukes, Stopmakingme, Jack Beats, Crookers and Style of Eye. Miguel Campbell is playing at the Horse and Groom for Coconut Ritz, and Lovebox are putting on a Bang The Box night at the Kentish Town Forum, with Modeselektor, Boy 8 Bit and Siriusmo.

Tomorrow Fabric comes up trumps again with Rebel Rave, with Damien Lazarus, Maceo Plex live, jozif and Art Department. VERY nice. Julio Bashmore‘s at Plastic People for Warm, and Mylo, Breakbot, Monarchy and Maxxi Soundsystem are at XOYO for Scandalism.

Then on Sunday keep yourself going with Creche‘s The Big One, with a 3 hour set from Jamie Jones on the Ministry of Sound terrace, and a 4 hour set from Kerri Chandler inside.

Here are a few freebies from this week:
Clubfeet – Last Words (The C90s mix)
Toro y Moi – All Alone (MANIK edit)
Tyson – After You’re Gone (Joe Goddard Remix)
Convaire – The New You
Simone Fedi – Bitter Devotion (Ewan Pearson BandAPella)
Hannulelauri: Europa (Dub)
Cadillac – Make you feel (Marcos Cabral Remix)

Woody’s Roundup

Thanks to everyone that came down to Bungalow 8 last night for Meredith O’s monthly Private Parlour Party. What a dirty little sweat-fest! And so, on to the weekend…

The Nest have outdone themselves both nights, with Snap Crackle and Pop tonight featuring Julio Bashmore and Midland, and Lemonade tomorrow featuring the lovely Riton. Tonight Derrick Carter plays at Reliance Square for ‘A Private Party With…’, Fabric hosts Toddla T and Jack Beats for Jack Beats Loves, Punks Jump Up join Say Yes To Another Excess (Danny C90s and Stopmakingme) at The Baby Bathhouse in Stokey, and Lee Curtiss has his Watergate 08 release party at the Star of Kings. I’ve waited for this release for a while, especially for the lovely Maceo Plex, Fallin.
Maceo Plex – Fallin’ (live cut) by retro_

Tomorrow afternoon get yourselves down to the Queen of Hoxton for the Music & Makers Market, where DJs Pyschemagik, Stevie Kotey, Soft Rocks and Cherrystones bring their old records to play and sell. On the roof Knickerbocker Glory hosts a market and village fete, so play some games, get drunk, eat cake and buy records. Whoop!

Then Sunday our local The Lock Tavern hosts the last ever Blogger’s Delight (sob!) with Lone playing upstairs and all their friends from the last five years taking a turn. I mean, Monday mornings are never exactly fun anyway, so why not have a good Sunday to show for it? Not to be missed.

I have to admit I’m feeling a little delicate today, so here are some tracks with some piano to soothe the head, and some beats to crank it back up into Friday night.
Poolside – Do You Believe (Amen Brother Remix)
Superhumanoids – Mirrors (Cosmic Kids Remix)
Wiley – Electric Boogaloo (Riva Starr Remix)
Beni – It’s a Bubble (The Magician Remix)
Adele – Rolling in the Deep (Will Reckless Booty Remix)
Austra – Spellwork (MNDR Nighttime Remix)
Little Dragon – Ritual Union (Tensnake Remix)
Or all together: Woody 53. ZIP

Woody’s Roundup

Well pinch-punch-first-of-the-month, which as usual means that there are way too many good nights and not enough time. And as for you with the birthdays, there are DJs to see!

So, tonight, go old school with Marshall Jefferson at Fairchild (car park rave), or go see Waifs & Strays for free at That Mixmag Thing #15 at Queen of Hoxton. Oooh and I’ve just noticed Sishi Rösch is playing at the Horse and Groom for Coconut Ritz. Miguel Puente drew my attention to him and together they’re pretty unstoppable (more dates for both of them in London please!). To give you an example, here’s a little video from one of their Sonar appearances. I’ve been waiting for an excuse to post this as it sounds sweeeeeeet, and I’d pretty much kill to see either and both of them play anywhere at the moment.

Hessle Audio are at Fabric, with Pearson Sound and Joy Orbison, and you could keep it Fabric (we are) by attending the mammoth 5 Years of Leftroom there tomorrow night, with Matt Tolfrey and the Leftroom crew in Room 2 and Hot Natured (Lee Foss and Jamie Jones) in Room 3. We had great fun at Soul Clap’s 90s Jam with Lee Foss at the Star of Bethnal Green on Wednesday, and in between the two Lee’s off to play in Naples, at Gottwood Festival in Wales and DC10 in Ibiza. He was asking anyone on Facebook if he could borrow a pillow…
Glimpse and Miguel Campbell are playing The CAMP for Mutant Disco, Stopmakingme and The Deadstock 33s are playing the Lemonade Launch Party at The Nest, and if you’re headed towards the slightly more hardcore then Spectrum have their Summer Warehouse Party at Ewer Street Car Park with Nero, Kissy Sell Out, Chase and Status and Sinden.

I always tell myself I’m going to get out of the city in July as much as possible, and it never happens, simply because the July line ups are ridiculous for the whole month every single year. 2011 is heading that way too, with Nicolas Jaar coming live two days in a row at Fabric at the end of the month, Lovebox bringing everyone I love into Victoria Park, and The Nest continuing a fantastic booking job, with Julio Bashmore and Riton next weekend. Bloody good work London.

Bassheads – Is Anybody Out There (Greg Wilson Edit) – a walk down memory lane. Huge thanks to Greg for giving this away on soundcloud this week
Joakim – Forever Young (Discodeine Remix)
Jacques Greene – Lay It Down (Nacho Lovers Remix) the original of this is worth your pennies fo sho.
Theophilius London – Flying Overseas (Soul Clap EFunk Remix)
Toddla T – Watch Me Dance (SebastiAn Remix) Also worth your money for the whole release as all the remixes are great.
Lucky Paul – Thought We Were Alone (Gang Colours Remix)
Rainbow Arabia – Blind (Salva Remix) Rainbow Arabia have just announced a summer tour including the Shoreditch 1,2,3,4 festival next week 9th July.

Woody 52. ZIP

Woody’s Roundup

It’s finally June! Time for holidays, festivals, more sun and even more booze… Find your tents and pack your sunglasses; summer has arrived.

If you’ve still not recovered from last weekend’s antics, don’t bother, just go with it… I really hope you’re feeling decisive because once again there’s way too much to choose from this weekend and we’ve got our pick of the bunch to share with you. Tonight get yourselves down to one of the following: Detail with Brighton boy Russ Yallop at Basing House, Good:Vibe bringing disco legend Mario Basinov to a secret location in London, Lonely Hertz featuring the fantastic Ghostpoet alongside French Fries at The Nest, or the eagerly anticipated Diesel Island Disco with Goldie, Punks Jump Up, Aeroplane and the Kill Em All lads now at the Islington Metal Works (don’t forget you’ll need your passport to get in!)

Saturday’s got us in a spin too with many of our favourite DJs playing all across the city. Who to favour? Visionquest’s Lee Curtiss and Get Physical’s Audiofly take to yet another secret venue for Flying Circus London, Art Department host at Fabric playing alongside Richy Ahmed and Craig Richards, and James What heads up the Hypercolour Showcase with Dan Berkson of Pokerflat at The Nest. If you’re still not sold, how about Dollop throwing their 7th Birthday Series at the mighty Bussey Building in Peckham with Pariah and the Off Modern guys? The choice is yours…

Best get some rest at work today then and throw on some beats:

Space Shuttle (Leftside Wobble Edit) – Gil Scott-Heron
Into the Valley feat. Karl Dixon (Julio Bashmore Remix) – Classixx [via Green Label Sound]
On the Brighter Side (The Brighter Side Scuba Mix) – Sistol
Live Those Days Tonight (Tim Green Remix) – Friendly Fires
Organia – SebastiAn (Total dropped on Ed Banger this week – go get it!)
Hot Foot – Ambassadeurs
On! – Diplo & Douster