Woody’s Roundup

This week we’re getting it all for free, free tracks, free parties, with free line-ups that will blow your mind. This begins in earnest tonight, with the most ridiculous list of names ever – check out the flyer:

I mean hell-the-fuck-ohhhhh! The venue only holds 400, and you’re seeing Justice for free, so it will possibly be the most squished you’ve ever been in your whole life. I suggest getting down there about now and setting up camp.

After you’ve unfolded yourself, have a quick nap because you aren’t going to sleep for a while. It’s Fabric 12th birthday and to celebrate they’re putting on one of the legendary On and On…and On parties. It starts at 11pm Saturday and ends 5am on Monday morning. The line-up includes Ricardo Villalobos, Moodymann, Margaret Dygas, Lee Foss, Maya Jane Coles, Pearson Sound and Space Dimension Controller, so it’s a pretty special birthday. Woo!

There are some GREAT free tracks out there this week, and this makes me HAPPY!
Mickey Moonlight – Close To Everything (The Martin Brothers dub)
Metronomy – Everything Goes My Way (Psychemagik Remix)
Kolombo – Endless Summer (Gift Mix)
Miguel Migs – Close Your Eyes (feat. Meshell Ndegeocello) (Salva Remix)
Lil’ Wayne – With You Feat. Drake (Screwed By Brodinski)
MAM – Reel Sweet (the third in the Free EP series from Soul Clap)
MAM – Can’t Live Without Music
Gigamesh – It’s So Intense (Fare Soldi “Enrico Pallazzo” Remix)


Bring It

Bobmo‘s releasing his new EP Bring It on the mighty Insititubes (on Beatport now, everywhere else 14 September) and we’ve been enjoying his September mix all weekend. Including old-school greats such as Orange Lemon Dreams of Santa Anna, (which reminds me of my mother because it samples 70s The Mexican by Babe Ruth, even though this version was released in 1988 and produced by Todd Terry) and our sexy-time friends Soul Clap.

We’ve been keeping an eye on Bobmo for a while, both as one half of High Powered Boys with equally knock-kneed fellow French yout’ Surkin, and on his own productions, which apparently started when he discovered the combination of Napster, his own rapping, and his home Playstation back while he was still at school. And that wasn’t eons ago – Hugues Rey is still only 17 and living in Bordeaux.

In 2007 it all came together to make Let’s Go Bobmo! which was played out by everyone who was anyone – Busy P, Diplo and Justice to name but a few. He toured, remixed, re-released, got thrown out of Berlin nightclubs, and cemented himself as the poster boy for quintessential French electro.

The key to his success? He’s just so talented. He knows everything, he draws on influences from hip hop, disco, electro, rock, makes records that seem fresh despite numerous samples and references, and his mixing is smooth beyond belief. See what we mean with his September mix.

BOBMO September 2010 mixtape by Bobmo
1. Pluton & Humanoids – World Invaders
2. Legowelt – Lovestory
3. Orange Lemon – Dreams of Santa Anna
4. Soul Clap – Kissing Game
5. Brian Harris – Chemistry
6. Bernard Badie feat. Dajae – Train
7. dj Spen – Gabryelle
8. Justin Martin – Robot Romance
9. Chez Damier & Stacey Pullen – Untitled
10. Fast Eddie – Acid Thunder
11. Frankie Knuckles – Your Love (Dusty Kid edit)
12. Space Dimension Controller – Love Quadrant
13. Jimmy Edgar – New Touch
14. Tiger & Woods – Gin Nation

He’s offering the Douster Remix of My House from the EP for free download here.

Off Modern

The South London revival continues – not with the homogenisation of the Elephant & Castle skyline into sleek high-rise Strata Towers, but with the continuing migration of DJs from Shoreditch basements into the many venues of the deep dark South – The Coronet Theatre and Corsica Studios being the most welcome sights on the Elephant’s main roundabout.

Ed Banger records return to converted cinema The Coronet in March, after their mammoth 61/2 birthday in 2009 which saw secret guests Justice rock over 2500 people. Night-giants Bugged Out are involved in the completely sold out Decked Out party on 5th February, which will ensure a queue that snakes under the railway arches down to New Kent Road, and Corsica Studios has recently been voted Britain’s Best Small Club by DJ Magazine.

The peppering of art colleges here; Camberwell and Goldsmiths among the most notable, brings an atmosphere of creativity, as music and arts go hand in hand. Corsica Studios has the Borough-assisted Corsica Arts Club, and this vibe started with the Peckham art collective !WOWOW! in 2003, who threw parties alongside exhibitions in squats in Southwark. Taking the baton is Hannah Barry Gallery in SE15, and Off Modern.

Off Modern are William Hunt, Johnny Prichard, Tom Harrad, Felix Petty and Yuri Pattison; an art collective from South London who met and lived together while at Goldsmiths University. They’ve run 11 nights at Corsica since November 2008, a party in an abandoned strip club, and organised the South East in East festival on Brick Lane. Off Modern #12 is on 4th February, including music from man-on-the-scene Theophilius London during his short stay in the UK.

I met with Felix from the group to talk a little about their plans for 2010.

How did this start? Was it always art and music?
When I first moved into South London it was at the tail end of !WOWOW!
By the time we started up Off Modern there was nothing going on and we decided that we shouldn’t really complain about it but just do something ourselves. It felt natural that if we were going to start doing events we should use them to combine all the things that we were interested in and use them to show work that our friends were making too.

Tell me about Off Modern #1.
November 2008, the set-up was surprisingly similar to how it is now. We booked two bands to play (S.C.U.M and GENTLE FRIENDLY), and a few people we knew to DJ (Tomb Crew, Nasty McQuaid, My Panda Shall Fly) and then invited about twenty friends to install work they’d made in the venue. About 600 people turned up. It was staggering. Since then we’ve always stuck to that formula, more or less, only in varying degrees improved, refined and made it better whilst expanding the things we do outside of the night.

Have you always used Corsica Studios as a venue for your nights?
Off Modern has always been at Corsica Studios, they’ve been incredibly supportive, but we’ve put on an exhibition in an empty unit of the shopping centre in Elephant & Castle, put on a massive party in an abandoned strip club and run a week long festival. Off Modern itself though is very Corsica Studios based.

How do you choose bands and DJs for Off Modern nights? Who would you most like to see playing at Off Modern this year?
We’ve generally just booked bands /DJs that we like, whether it all fits together or not, it’s all more interesting to put bands on a bill where they wouldn’t normally be. It works better, you never quite know what you’re going to get. Who is going to play at Off Modern this year? I haven’t thought further ahead then March!

My dream Off Modern line-up would be The Clash, Sam Cooke, The KLF, Tomfoolery vs Nasty McQuaid.

What have you got coming up for 2010?

We have a journal coming out in February, and from that hopefully we’ll be expanding our publishing base. There’ll be a retrospective exhibition at some point, possibly even two, and we’re starting to make more collective installations. We’ve just moved into an office/studio in Bermondsey and we’ll be working a lot with the other groups involved in that hopefully. We’re also collaborating with Top Nice on a project called Top Modern, which will be a roaming festival stage, combing performance art with musical acts, which’ll be running in the summer at about three or four festivals. We’re looking into starting a record label too.

Off Modern #12, Corsica Studios, Thursday 4th February.

Flyers designed by James Kirkup.