You’re so fine you blow my mind….

Where there is disco, there is Mickey.

I’ve harboured a quiet love for Mickey ever since the amazingly uplifting review of 1982 track Afrique Adieu by iconic French singer Michel Sardou. His bio says he’s been influenced by music of the 60s, 70s, 80s and today, and as well as providing us with tracks which sound out the very essence of disco, he adds in a little afrobeat into the mix, and my personal favourite, a heavy dose of the piano. A very modern take on all these elements, and crafted to perfection.

Download: Michel Sardou – Afrique Adieu (Mickey Review)

Ever since then every track or mixtape I’ve heard from him has made me smile, and smily happy disco is alright by me. Resident alongside Mustang at Libertine Supersport in Belgium AND he’s managed by Dirk De Ruyck, who we all know set up the Eskimo and Abracada labels, as well as discovering greats such as Aeroplane and Villa.

His EP Farfalle came out on 12 November on Headman‘s Relish label, and B-sides Magnitude and Prelude are also fantastic. I was still hooked.
Mickey-Farfalle by Mickey

Since then I enjoy a monthly mixtape on his soundcloud page, and our relationship has been happily bumbling along, until I was reminded by Busy P’s Valentine’s Day mixtape how ggg-ggg-gggreat he is, when the tone of the mix lightened at 33 minutes in with the smooth disco explosion that is TysonDie on the Dancefloor (Mickey Remix). It makes me ggg-ggg-gggrin (and reminds me of a little classic we know and love).
TYSON-Die on the dancefloor-(Mickey Remix) by Mickey

Today he was kind enough to give us his latest work; a remix for Beni‘s Yeah out on the mighty Modular in March.
Download: Beni – Yeah (Mickey Remix)
So here we reach the happily-ever-after of the tale of my love for Mickey. I hope you feel the same.

Mickey makes me feel like this:

Do You Wanna Funk?

Don’t you just hate it when you’re going about the minutae of daily life and suddenly a track comes on the pod that makes you gasp and look around for someone to grab, and there’s no-one to share it? Well I might have frightened some members of the public this weekend in a well-known supermarket chain by gesticulating wildly before running from the shop to get home to my stereo.

It all started a long time ago, with a film called Trading Places. Vagabond and petty thief Billy Ray Valentine is plucked from the streets and installed in silver-spoon banker Winthorpe’s sick crib, and of course, the first thing he does is have a huge party. Drinks are spilled, it all gets a bit rowdy, and eventually tops come off to some funky disco sounds. Since disco fever came over us again I’ve been secretly hoping to hear this party soundtrack somewhere, and imagine my delight when the man to end my long wait is none other than Mr. Rory Phillips.

The track is Do You Wanna Funk, by legendary disco production partnership Patrick Cowley (also making an occasional appearance in Rory’s sets with Megatron Man) and Sylvester (responsible for You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)). Absolute distilled disco. You can hear it 1hr and 17minutes into this mix from Rory’s podcast. However, by no means should you fast forward the rest of the mix, as it is an unadulterated pleasure from start to finish – including favourites from James Curd and Prince.

Rory Phillips – Recorded Live in Athens, 19-03-2010

I recommend downloading ALL the mixes you can get your hands on by Rory Phillips. Go to ALL his gigs, buy ALL his records. You’ll find yourself going about your business with a silly grin on your face.

Here’s Rory playing Do You Wanna Funk alongside Erol Alkan at the LCD Soundsystem Afterparty at Plan B in Brixton this weekend. Double hand clap!

Do you wanna funk?