Merry New Year!

I site the film Trading Places a bit too much on this blog but whenever I think about wishing happy new year to people I think of Eddie Murphy on that weird fancy-dress overnight party train to Philadelphia on New Year’s Eve, dressed as a student from Cameroon and wishing everyone Merry New Year while offering them beef jerky.

So we’re all back from hols and coping with the work routine and not technically being allowed to get drunk pre-midday any more (although I’m leaving Tate next week after six years, so if anyone can, I can). Uncle Pete’s done what he does best and sensed that we’re all a little delicate and given us a soothing hunk of an Essential Mix from French Express. Label-heads Jonas Rathsman and Perseus have mixed it, and given us a load of lovely deep house with pretty vocals, some P.M. Dawn (it’s never not a good time to include P.M. Dawn) as well as the ultimate hangover cure in the form of any records from Chris Malinchak. So relax. Enjoy.

French Express Essential Mix 05.01.13
Track List:
1. Underworld – Jumbo (Francois K & Rob Rives Remix) [Junior Boy’s Own]
2. Chris Malinchak – If U Got It [French Express]
3. Julio Bashmore – Au Seve [Broadwalk]
4. Jonas Rathsman – Bringing You Down [French Express]
5. Round One – I’m Your Brother [Main Street]
6. A Guy Called Gerald – Humanity (Ashley Beedle’s Love And Compassion) [!K7]
7. Sloth & Dormant – Here And Now (EBE Remix) [URS]
8. Maya Jane Coles – Easier To Hide [I Am Me]
9. Isaac Tichauer – Devotion [French Express]
10. Lee Foss & MK & Anabel Englund – Electricity
11. Jeremy Glenn – New Life (Perseus ‘Summer Of 83′ Remix) [Future Classic]
12. Spandau Ballet – True [Chrysalis]
13. P.M. Dawn – Set Adrift On Memory Bliss [Polygram]
14. Alison Valentine – Peanut Butter (Moon Boots Remix)
15. Aaliyah – One In A Million [Atlantic]
16. Aaliyah – One In A Million (Danny Daze & Young Edits Bootleg)
17. Isaac Tichauer – I Forgive You [French Express]
18. Perseus – Love In Zanzibar [French Express]
19. Jakwob – Electrify (Sega Bodega Remix) [White]
20. Barry White – Love’s Interlude/Good Night My Love [A&M]
21. Stewrat – Disagreements [French Express]
22. Kenton Slash Demon – Sun [Tartelet]
23. The White Lamp – It’s You (Ron Basejam Remix) [Futureboogie]
24. Last Magpie – (Who Knows) Where Love Goes [Hypercolour]
25. Hot Toddy – Mutha Sucka [Smoke N’ Mirrors]
26. SLG – Goat Cheese [Studio Barnhus]
27. Tangerine Dream – Love On A Real Train [Virgin]
28. Staffan Lindberg – Art Of The State [Dolly Dubs]
29. Frank B – Chain Of Fools
30. Andrés – Skate This Way [La Vida]
31. FCL – It’s You (Will Azada Improperly Heated Rework)
32. Ralph Falcon – Whateva [Nervous]
33. Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt – No Other (Instrumental) [Riotvan]
34. Jonas Rathsman – Since I Don’t Have You [French Express]
35. Zac Toms – Bring Me Down (Stanton Warriors Remix)
36. Youan – Must Be Love
37. Shadow Child – 23 [Food]
38. Lister – What Can I Do [Orange Groove]
39. Jonas Rathsman – Just You [French Express]
40. Nick Nikolov – Come Down [Liebe Detail]
41. Chris Malinchak – So Good To Me [French Express]

Moda Black

Jaymo and Andy George have that funny knack of reading minds when it comes to tracks we like, and sometimes listening to their conversation about those tunes when they’re covering Pete Tong’s radio 1 show is a bit uncanny too. They like the same loops as us, they were at the same night as us, they signed the people we had just about realised were our new favourites.

They’ve well and truly come up trumps and proven themselves not only able to find and play a modern classic, but also to encourage new talent (and more established names) to hand over some unreleased goodies with their new compilation Moda Black, out 9 July. All of the thirteen tracks on there is an exclusive, and they’re storming banging beauties, especially Hot Since 82’s Knee Deep in Louise with its sexy deep-funk drop, and the clue is in the name with The 2 Bears’ Banger, remixed by heavyweights (!) Eats Everything and Idiotproof. One of the highlights for me is Jaymo and Andy George’s own contribution How It Goes, which shows a maturation in their sound from the fun-yet-potentially-repetitive big wonky drop to this bouncey, soulful, sexy-saxy number. More good news is that most of the artists on this collection have signed more exclusive tracks to Moda Black, so Moda’s sister is coming to the fore.

Have a listen to what’s in store on the compilation:

Moda Black – Mixed By Jaymo & Andy George
1. Jack Fell Down – Night Crawler
2. Lukas – Best In Show
3. Hot Since 82 – Knee Deep In Louise
4. Jett – I Know I Want You
5. The 2 Bears – Banger (Eats Everything & Idiotproof Remix)
6. Jaymo & Andy George – How It Goes
7. Disclosure – My Intention Is War (Fig II)
8. Mia Dora – Jailbait
9. Nick Monaco & Kill Frenzy – This1 That1
10. Shadow Child – So High
11. Celsius – Must Be You
12. Old Soul – Unusual Paradise
13. Tim Green – Reed

Lend Me Your Ears

We’ve been thoroughly enjoying Retro/Grade‘s first venture into the world of the Essential Mix (thanks, Tommy G). I love Serge Santiago and Tom Neville‘s disco funk blend, and this is a joy right from the start. Diiiiisssssccccccoooo!!!!

Retro/Grade Essential Mix, Saturday 8 January 2011
Vangelis – Albedo 0.39 [RCA]
Vangelis – Spiral [RCA]
Jimmy Bo – Sspank (SS Afica Dub) [Streetheat]
Nitro Deluxe – Letss Get Burtal (Ssuk Edit) [Cutting]
Roxy Music – Angel Eyes (Drum Dub) [Polydor]
Animotion – Obsession (RGEM Edit) [Mercury]
Gwen Guthrie – Seventh Heaven (Keys) [4th & Broadway]
Gonzalez – Haven’t Stopped Dancing (Conga Break Edit) [EMI]
Ecstasy, Passion & Pain – Touch & Go (RGEM Edit) [Roulette]
Anthony & The Camp – What I Like (RGEM Dub Version Edit) [Warner Bros]
Checko – Firelight (RGEM Edit) [Eyes]
Wired – To The Beat Of The Drum (Intro) [Underworld]
Carrie Lucas – Dance With You (RGEM Edit) [Solar]
Wired – To The Beat Of The Drum (On The Burn) [Underworld]
Raven Maize – Forever Together [Quark]
Fun Fun – Happy Station (Keys) [Polydor]
Lime – On The Grid (Remix Dub) [Prism]
Chic – I Want You Love [Atlantic]
Moodymann – I Can’t Kick This Feeling When It Hits [Planet E]
Patrick Cowley – Mindwarp [Megatone]
Vocal – I Am A Computer
Dharma – Plastic Poll (Remix Instrumental) [System]
Táta Vega – Get It Up For Love (RGEM Edit) [Motown]
Bicep – Darwin (Retro/Grade Edit) [Throne Of Blood]
Stevie Nicks – Stand Back (Extended Mix Edit) [Modern]
Paul Parker – Don’t Play With Fire (SSUK- Edit) [Fantasia]
Vocal – Come With Me
Vocal – Don’t Go Away
The Todd Terry Project – Just Wanna Dance [Fresh]
Retro/Grade – Moda (Radio Edit RGEM Bootlegg) [Deconstruction]
The Todd Terry Project – Just Wanna Dance (Repise) [Fresh]
Methusalem – Robotism [Ariola]
Carol Jiani – Hit & Run Lover (Disco 4000 Edit) [Matra]
Retro/Grade – Zoid [Deconstruction]
Carol Jiani – Hit & Run Lover (Disco 4000 Edit Reprise) [Matra]
Retro/Grade – Escape Sequence (Intro) [Deconstruction]
Vandroid – Master & Slave (Boy 8-Bit Remix)
Étienne De Crécy – No Brain (Serge Santiago Remix) [Pixadelic]
The Rhythem Odyssey – Move Groove (Warehouse Mix) [Lipservice]
Sh*t Robot – I Found Love (Wild Geese Remix) [DFA]
Gino Soccio – Remember [Atlantic]
Retro/Grade – Escape Sequence (Album Version) [Deconstruction]
Boytronic – Bryllant [BCM]
Daft Punk – The Sun Of Flynn (X2) [Disney]
Black Devil Disco Club – The Devil In Us (SSUK- Edit) [Lo]
My Mine – Hypnotic Tango (Serge Santiago Edit) [Polydor]
Stephanie Mills & Witch Queen – You Can Get Over (Serge Santiago’s Bang The Gong Dub) [RCA]
Tom Neville – Intergalactic Romantic (RGEM Edit) [No Label]
Retro/Grade – Reset [Deconstruction]
Bronski Beat – Small Town Boy (RGEM Reset Bootlegg) [ZYX]
Azari & III – Indigo (Serge Santiago’s Rejected Remix) [Turbo]
Unknown– Radio

Tom Flynn: One From The Vaults Mix

Tom Flynn released his debut single Von Strictly on Bedroom Bedlam back in 2008.  Since then interest in his music has been quickly building, leading to the release of his first EP Zinga on UNO Recordings (in February 2009) and a quick succession of follow-ups on Anabatic, Broken Records / Don’t Fix It Music, Jengaa Records and most recently, and perhaps most notably, the release of the Magia and Hotel Rooms EPs on the Deadfish Audio label.

Hearing Tom’s incredible flair for producing top quality jackin’ house inspired us to get in touch with him. Not only has Tom answered a couple of questions for us, but he’s also kindly put together an exclusive mix for us all to check out with a monster tracklist including a couple of his own tracks and remixes (Just Can’t Play, Miami Lanza, Jupiter and his remix of Booka Shade’s Regenerate), and others from the likes of Matthew Dear, Tim Green, Mark Broom and Nick Curly. Thanks again to Tom, and here’s what he had to say…

Can you tell us a little bit about your first big break then after being such a dedicated producer and in love with music so much from an early age?
I guess my first big break was being asked by Andy Caldwell to remix his track with Grandma Funk called Funk Nasty. I had been sending tracks all over to people, with some good responses, then out of the blue one day Andy got in touch and said he’d been listening to the tracks I’d been sending to him and wanted me to remix his latest one. Remixing someone like Andy for your first remix is quite daunting as I’d had him in my music collection for years, but luckily he loved what I did, and the remix went down really well. I also owe a lot to my boy Worthy; the help, advice and encouragement he gave me was, and still is, fantastic.

Perhaps a bit about Pete Tong too, we like to call him Uncle Pete, did he really sign you up first? How and when did that happen, and what did that mean for your music?
Haha, Uncle Pete. I don’t know him well enough to call him uncle yet, but yeah, he was the first person to sign one of my tracks. Again, demos were sent out and I happened to get lucky in the fact that he was just starting up his new label for young aspiring producers called Bedroom Bedlam Records, a spin off from his Fast Trax TV show. He said he really liked the track and wanted to sign it to the label. In terms of what it did for my music… Well, it got me some good plays but the track, looking back, I don’t think is the greatest I’ve done, so it didn’t do great things for me. However just speaking to him and having him play my track on his show did my confidence and belief the world of good which means more to me than anything, that confidence made me know I was on the right track.

Do you have some defining records that have taken you from chapter to chapter in your life as a music lover and then producer?
When I was younger I would tape the Top 40 on cassette religiously. Then I’d do edits via tape to tape of the tracks, cutting the bits I didn’t like or doubling bits I did like. The one track from that era that stands out was The ClashRock the Casbah. Tracks that really stand out and changed my way of life would be:
Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal,
Paul Van Dyk For an Angel (a special vocal mix that was made in about 97 that is the hardest thing in the world to find!),
CeledaBe yourself,
Jazzy MJazzin The Way You Know
Gloria GaynorNever Can Say Goodbye
CassiusLa Mouche (DJ Falcon mix)
Da Mob ft. Jocelyn BrownIt’s All Good
Tim Deluxe Just Won’t Do
Faith EvansYou Used To Love Me
There are so many more and ones I may have forgotten, but those records have a very special deep meaning to me and something that I will always cherish. They changed the way I looked at music and my life, and gave me the most amazing memories.

You’ve released music on a few labels (UNO, Anabatic, Jengaa…) and, as is clear with so many independent labels these days, they all carry a signature sound. Is there an element of ‘I need my record on that label’ or is it a case of the label choosing you? Is there something about DeadFish at the moment that really suits what you’re about?
The DeadFish sound is something that I’m very much into, it’s quirky and bouncy and really allows me to be creative, unlike 90% of labels out there that want 4 kick drums, bass line and a repetitive set of high hats! I never make a track thinking this is for that label or this or for those guys. I make what I feel and what mood I’m in.

In terms of labels choosing me, a good example is the other night Claude Vonstroke emailed me asking if I had any tracks for him for a release on dirtybird. That’s probably the only time where I will sit down and think, ‘Yeah, I’m gonna get something weird going on for him’.

You talk a lot about your other much loved hobbies – yoga and golf. Now, these are pretty calm sports really and certainly very focussed ones. How does that tranquillity turn into fantastic tracks that get people up and dancing? Any ideas?
Haha my golf, yoga and meditation are the three things that I make time for everyday. As for how they turn into nice tracks, well I guess the calmness enables me to really get into my music and be creative. I love twiddling knobs and buttons all night and really getting into a sound, although sometimes that can be a curse as much as a blessing. I guess I just like a balanced life.

Can you tell us a bit about your One From The Vaults mix?
I wanted to just drop a couple of old ones in there as it is ‘From The Vaults’ but it’s mostly about what I’m playing now and what I really feel. I did squeeze in a classic at the end though – Vonstroke’s remix of War Paint!

Finally, what’s in store for Tom Flynn in the near future? Will you be out DJing much? Will there be lots more production and some releases to look forward to?
There are quite a few things coming up. Another EP on DeadFish has just dropped called Hotel Rooms, I’ve just remixed Worthy’s Hot Mizzle (that will be out soon), there’s an EP on Anabatic after that, an EP on Fondation Records and an EP on Jamie Anderson’s label Art Form after that… I also have something for dirtybird in the pipeline but can’t say too much yet!

As for DJing, I have taken a break from being on the road. I am waiting for the right booking agency and management to sign to. I’m sure once I get those things sorted I will be up and running and watching my Friends DVDs in hotel rooms all over the world! Love it!

1. Mark Knight – Drug Music (Acapella)
2. Tim Green, Emerson Todd – Nail Clipper
3. Hermanez – Soms
4. Dani Casarano – La Tulipe
5. Tom Flynn – Just Can’t Play
6. Nick Curly – Say Something
7. Mark Broom – Supersnout (Tim Green remix)
8. Tom Flynn – Miami Lanza
9. Tom flynn – Jupiter
10. Steve Parker – Klik Klog
11. Matthew Dear, Seth Troxler – Hurt (Martinez remix)
12. Booka Shade – Regenerate (Tom Flynn remix)
13. War Paint – War Paint (Claude Vonstroke remix)

Woody’s Roundup

It’s that time of year: everyone has returned from a whirlwind sunny week by the pool/on a boat/on a roof top/on the beach in Miami to rain, the office and bank balances, and all we have left is the memories to keep us going. Cue rapid googling, youtubing, soundclouding and general sharing of all the things that rocked the week and will set us up for the Easter Bank Holiday.

Of course there were too many parties and DJs to list, and props already went out to some of our favourites last Friday, but we’re just going to mention a few people that have helped us get through this oh-so-tough 2-day week.

1. Joris Voorn. He was everywhere, from SET to the DJ Mag pool party, to Space, to Pete Tong, to The Victor, throwing in a few unscheduled boat party appearances along the way. He adapted his sets to fit the setting with a quick versatility and intelligence that made everything sound incredibly fresh, even a real oldie like Nalin & Kane’s Beachball.
2. James Zabiela. When James smiles, the whole world smiles with him, and it’s certainly a welcome treat to get given an album for free too. James played highlights from his new Renaissance Masters Series compilation, reminding us of his penchant for breaks and ability to play what sounds like an oxymoron; emotive tech.
3.Dennis Ferrer. He was awarded hero status for playing a double length set at the DJ Mag pool party when there was a no-show, and as we splashed around trying to dance knee deep in water on the pool steps we realised just how many releases this man is responsible for. A driving force behind beefy, shiny-happy soulful house; his own Hey Hey was a standout moment.
4. DJ Harvey and the Aquabooty party at Shore Club. Imagine the delight felt by Graeme Clark AKA The Revenge when he walked in just as the goosebump-inducing Stevie Wonder sample from his gorgeous track Night Flight rang out across a crowd whose every arm was in the air. Lanterns in the trees, Aeroplane playing by the pool, a light breeze, and a group of people who, under the influence of vintage vocals and space disco, by the end of the night felt like they’d known each other forever. Not a bad way for Joe Budious to celebrate his last Aquabooty after co-founding the night five years ago.
5. Sander Kleinenberg. Sander at Little Mountain Rocks was our last party of WMC 2010, and the atmosphere was electric from start to finish. So much so that Sander carried on playing until 6.30 after officially finishing at 5, ending with the encore to end all encores including Erotic City by Prince, Survivor’s Eye of The Tiger, and his own This Is Not Miami. The entire crowd became a sweaty mass of cuddling arms and off-key singing, and Sander got on the mic to tell us, “when I wrote this song I pictured it exactly like this.”

The whole ethos behind the Winter Music Conference is to showcase new tracks, so we’re unable to provide download links to a lot of these just yet. The ones we do have are very low quality and won’t play very loud. All the more reason to put them on your radar and go and buy them when they come out in time to recreate our own Miami during the famous UK Summer (!).

Miami tracks include:
Crookers – Cooler Couleur (Junkie XL remix)
Cassius – 1999 (Tim Green remix)
Nalin & Kane – Beachball (Joris Voorn remix)
Sander Kleinenberg – R.Y.A.N.L
The Revenge – Night Flight
Jan Driver – Tellyfoam
Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey

James Zabiela at Pete Tong's Pool Party