Track for the Day

If you didn’t get chance to listen/watch the excellent Mixmag Lab from Ben Pearce and Shadow Child yesterday then get your ears around this. Jesus; the energy!!!!

Ben Pearce’s set blew me away, and got me revisiting his tracks. I found this little gem, and would like to share it with y’all (Black Orange Juice on the collab too – nice)

Rave Cooking

I’m at that awkward age where I should technically be thinking about being a bit more domestic, maybe not going out until 7 any more, or perhaps when going out until 7 not carrying on the afterparty until it’s nighttime again.

I’ve tried to broaden my horizons; get up in time to see daylight, read the paper, cook. But I just really do love house music. So I found a compromise: rave-cook. Just whack the stereo up and make sure any movement that needs to be done – chopping, mixing (you catch my drift) is done in a suitable dancing fashion. Call it the Cookery Skank, if you will, and it always puts a bemused smile on the faces of my flatmates to find me giving it some in Club Min (aka The Kitchen).

I wanted to share a few little lovelies that resulted in a very tasty salmon hot pot (Wagamama recipe book) and a lemon and buttercream sponge cake (Rachel Allen) this weekend.

1. Kry Wolf, Together (Makes No Sense Remix). I’ve had this in my draft posts for this blog ever since I got sent the promo from Kry Wolf and Shadow Child‘s Food Music in January, and I wish there had been enough hours in the day for me to finish it. They’re the guys who collaborated with Claude Vonstroke on Turbosteppa, and this track went off last night when T Williams played it at the Electric in Brixton as part of the EXCELLENT Julio Bashmore tour.

You can buy this now, so you should.

2. Kate Simko, Go On Then (The Remixes)
I loved this the first time round, and I was always slightly dubious of remix EPs until I realised that they often come about because there’s one absolutely epic remix of a track that surfaces after the release, so the producers rise to the challenge, give some other people a bit more time to make some cool bits, and round two ends up being damn good. The one for me on this five-track feast is Ian Pooley‘s main mix, but Franck Roger‘s in there, as are Blond:ish. Again, out now and worth your pennies. It’ll make cooking more fun.

3. Gorgon City feat Yasmin, Real
Thanks to T Williams again for this bad boy; Gorgon City are RackNRuin and Foamo, and everything they’re doing is shit hot. The world and his dog are going mental for them right now, and deservedly so. I mean, just listen to that sneaky little bassline, sweet Jesus that’s hot! Out today on Black Butter records; we’re building a nice little playlist.

4. Lana del Rey, Summertime Sadness (Adam Freeland remix) – given as a free download when you like Adam’s Facebook page. This is a slow build and is actually just as good for comedown-cook (aka trying to eat a bit of toast then realising everything tastes like sand) as rave-cook. I felt a bit emotionally attached to this record today as the sun faded outside the window.

5. Miguel Puente – La Santanera podcast
This is slow and soulful and bassy – absolutely perfect for cooking, and because it’s an hour long you won’t overcook the veg while you’re busy faffing around searching for the next track.

So there you have a little recipe of weekend tracks, go forth and rave-cook.